Down To Earth

What happens when someone lands into a world they have never been to and falls in love with a mortal ? Will this stir things up ?

Please read and give any feedbacks
It would really help... Thanks :)


2. Izzy's POV

I woke up on the beach. Was I dead ? All I remember was running into the water. I looked around the beach to see if anyone had pulled me out, but there was no one. The wind blew whispering a name. Oriel, I've never heard that name before.
I just ignored it and got up, I went to the parking lot and got into my car. I drove off onto the Main Street to go home. I pulled my phone out from the glove compartment and checked to see if there was any missed calls or texts.
Before I could fully grab my phone, my car bolted to a stop. I hit something ! I shot out of my car and ran to the front.
I didn't hit something, I hit someone.

I ran to the front of the car, and picked him up. For a boy, he was pretty light. I put him in the passanger's side, and drove to my house.

"Shit," I snickered. How was I going to bring him into the house without my parents seeing? I took a deep breath, and bit my lip, looking at my window on the second floor.

I walked into my house, unlocking the door, "Hey, Mom!" She was cooking dinner, "Hey, sweetie! Anything exciting happen today?" I started to say, "Totally, Mom! I found a boy and ran him over! He's waiting outside." I smiled, "Not really. Hey, do we have any popcorn?"

She laughed, "Honey. It will ruin your dinner!" I nodded, "I meant for afterwords." She shrugged, "I'll go look." And with that, she walked to the garage. Now's my chance.

I ran to the porch, and grabbed the body, pulling him upstairs. Hard part. Check. Now... to keep him hid from Mom.


~I know this is short. Sorry. Haha. This is my first time writing about Angels! :) Feedback? -Alexis~

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