Love In Autumn

Autumn is your average lesbian trying to find love. She isn't a boy trapped in a girl's body. She is a girl. And she wants a girl. But does a girl want her?


7. Who Am I?

Beau ran to the bathroom.


I was lying there.

Wishing I was dead.

"Autumn!" he yelled.

"What..." I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

"What the hell was that?!"
"Alright, first of all calm down." I say putting my head above the toilet bowl waiting to get sick again.

"You were screaming at that guy and came out all fucked up, how the fuck am I supposed to calm down?!" he pulled his hair back, as a girl usually would if she was upset.

"Beau, I love you man." I smiled, not looking up.

Then puked again.

"Goddammit! Fucking cunt ass bitch ruining everything as always. What the-" his voice gradually disappeared as he went down the stairs.

He slammed a few things.

I wouldn't be surprised if he broke a vase or a lamp or a cat.

My head was throbbing.

I wanted to just cry.



I stand up and look in the mirror.

I didn't know that girl.

This girl went through obstacles just to be straight.

Just to find love

A fake love.



"Who am I?" I said aloud.

"Who the fuck am I?"

"Why did I fuck this up? This one thing that was going right?"

And then walked in Nikki.

"I don't think it was going right at all." she looked at me with concerned eyes.

Oh my god those blue eyes.



She was wearing less makeup and more clothes today.

No matter how much clothes she was wearing,

I'd spend as much time as it took, to take them off.

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

I started crying again.

Her arms wrapped around me.

She squeezed me tighter.


Our bodies held against each other.

It's as if I knew her forever.

It's as if I was in love.

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