Love In Autumn

Autumn is your average lesbian trying to find love. She isn't a boy trapped in a girl's body. She is a girl. And she wants a girl. But does a girl want her?


16. Tell Me

Nick ran to my house after school.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks and she looked like she was having the worst possible breakdown you can have.

She opened the door quietly, but rushed up the stairs as I heard and saw her through the window.

I was lying on my bed doodling a few test drawings for this project for art class I've been working on.

I pretended like I didn't hear her coming, so she would tell me everything.

She slammed the door open then closed it after she walked in.

She checked the wall to make sure it didn't damage the drywall.

It made a small dent, but I seemed to shrug it off.

"What's wrong?" I said as she caught her breath, I signaled her to come sit next to me on my bed.

"I just can't do this anymore!" she screamed.

"Baby.." I said waiting for her to cut me off, unusually she didn't.

"Tell me, everything." I say, she put her head in my lap and laid her body down.

"It's my dad" she choked on her words, and breathed in her tears.

"What'd he do?" I ask, concerned.

"He got caught with crystal, crystal meth." She cried harder.

"Oh my god-"

"And that's not it! He's back in jail, and doesn't care about me. So I have to live with my mother now. My psycho mother. She lives 25 minutes out of here, and she's insane." she calmed down a little to express her anger.

"How so?"

"There's a whole list of this, and this is longer than an average grocery list.

She's homophobic.

She's suicidal.

And she keeps a freaking gun in the house!

She hunts, and eats the meat that she gets from that.

Her day job is volunteering at hospitals-"

I cut her off "aww how sweet.."

"Not exactly.

Her night job is stripping. And who knows what else, she probably sells herself as well.

She buys Playboy magazines just so she can compare herself to unrealistic women.

She's been to the ward like seven times in the past four years.

When I'm there, me and her are never alone, she always has at least two guys there. I'm not sure if she slept with them, if they're friends, if they're helping to work on the roof, or if they're the dog trainers, but I have no idea."

"Whoa.." I was speechless, what do I say?

"The one that mostly gets to me is that she's homophobic.

And now I'm scared to go there." she says and started crying again, putting her face onto my chest.

"You can always stay here, with me" I say holding her tighter.

She looked up, and her eyes brightened.

"I don't know what the court would say to that.." she said.

"Who gives a fuck about the court?" I say and she smirked.

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