Love In Autumn

Autumn is your average lesbian trying to find love. She isn't a boy trapped in a girl's body. She is a girl. And she wants a girl. But does a girl want her?


4. Teardrops On My Mini Cooper

The next week I met a junior boy, he was (a boy) nice looking.

His name is Rex, and he asked me on a date to dinner. I looked deeply inside his eyes, to see if I could find myself anywhere with this guy. I smiled as if nothing was the matter.

"You're a very beautiful girl, Autumn." he brushed my hair out of my face, behind my ear.

I smiled and giggled air.

He leaned in, I found myself leaning in as well.

This isn't right Autumn, it isn't right.



Wait, just do it, fucking lesbian.

I'm straight now, remember.

His lips touched mine.

They were nothing like a girl's.


I quickly backed out.

"I'm sorry, my mom wants me home at a certain time." I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door.

I got in my unorganized mini cooper and started balling.

What is going on?

Why can't I do this?

All these other girls like dick.

Why can't I?


It doesn't matter what my mind was saying to me because I was going to like it.

I was,

no matter what it took.

I'm going to go straight, and will find love.



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