Love In Autumn

Autumn is your average lesbian trying to find love. She isn't a boy trapped in a girl's body. She is a girl. And she wants a girl. But does a girl want her?


9. Maybe...

What did she really mean?
How does she actually feel?





Maybe she's in a secret relationship with Beau.

Maybe she's cheating on Beau.

Maybe she's a stripper.

Maybe she's a prostitute.

Maybe she does drugs.

Maybe she wants to move.

Maybe she is moving.

Maybe she is moving on.

Maybe she is moving across the world.

Maybe she is in love.

Maybe she isn't in love.

Maybe she likes getting taking advantage of.

Maybe she gets taken advantage of easily.

Maybe she knows about the alcohol incident that just happened.

Maybe she wants Rex.

Maybe she's a serial killer.

Maybe she's going to murder Beau.

Maybe she's one of those girls that want a movie relationship.

Maybe she's easy.

Maybe she's hard to get.

Maybe she has a hard past.

Maybe she likes country music secretly.

Maybe she doesn't actually like Beau.

Maybe she is in love with my dad.

Maybe she is in love with herself.

Maybe she just wants to tutor Beau.

Maybe she goes out clubbing.

Maybe she's a drug dealer.

Maybe she isn't really dating Beau,

Maybe her and Beau are friends with benefits.

Maybe she is the friend.

Maybe she is the benefit.

Maybe she lied about everything.

Maybe she's a witch who sees inside of my soul.

Maybe her witchy self can read my mind right now.

Maybe she's not going to sleep with Beau.

Maybe she always sleeps with him.

Maybe she never sleeps with him.

Maybe she will adopt a puppy.

Maybe she shoots up heroin.

Maybe she's not really herself and she's a phony.

Maybe she's an FBI agent.

Maybe she knows I like her.

Maybe she was going to kiss me for real.

Maybe she likes me.

Maybe she knows I'm a lesbian.

Maybe she's bisexual.

Maybe she's a lesbian.

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