Love In Autumn

Autumn is your average lesbian trying to find love. She isn't a boy trapped in a girl's body. She is a girl. And she wants a girl. But does a girl want her?


8. Behind Blue Eyes

She departed a bit, and looked into my eyes.

As if she was looking into my soul.

"Please don't leave.." I say as tears stream down my face like a waterfall.

She looked down at my face and shook her head.

"I would never do such a thing." she bit her lip.


"Rex" I say.

"What?" she looked confused.

"He left" I look at my feet.

"You never wanted him in the first place."

She can definitely look into my soul.

How does she do that?

I sat back down against the sink.

She joined.

"Would you pull a bull shit stunk like I did?" I giggled but tears kept falling showing that I wasn't okay.

She smiled and bit her lip.

Nikki... I need you.

"Actually I've done similar things to that, yeah.." her blue eyes full of beauty, got even more beautiful as they lit up with memories of past mistakes and misfortunes.

"I wanted love." she confessed.

I wanted all the details.

I wanted her to pour her feelings out to me.

Not to Beau.


"I thought I was in love." she smiled and looked into my eyes, deeply.

"But I wasn't. I wasn't being true to who I was. And I don't know if I'm doing that yet.."

"How exactly weren't you being 'true'?" I asked.

"Well.. Umm" she tried to speak, but the right words just wouldn't come out.

She leaned in towards me, staring at my lips, tilting her head.

I leaned in as well.

And then came Beau.

Calmed down obviously because he stripped down to his boxers.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Ruining my life.

As usual.

"Babe." he pouted crossing his arms like a young boy not getting his way.

How not fucking cute.

"Yes?" she was annoyed.

It was pretty obvious.

"Meet me in the bedroom." he skipped and I heard the door squeak.

She stayed on the floor.

"He wants me to fuck him." she managed to pick herself up and get out.

Not saying a single word.

Goodbye Nikki.


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