Crazy For You

Jess comes with Brooke to her dad's for the summer. In England. When Jess meets Niall Horan at a local Starbucks, they exchange numbers. Will Jess have the heart to go back to America, or will she stay in England with Niall?


1. *Updated* Chapter 1

*Hey!! sorry, its been a while. I just keep forgetting to update this story. I recently went over the first chapter, and changed a few things. For all of the people who have read the first chapter, I'm gonna add the second chapter right away. If you like this story, tell me, and then I'll keep adding to the story. I've already written a few chapters, and I don't know it this story is any good. Bye peoples!!  - Emily*


June 17~~~Jessa

    Today Brooke and I are going to England to visit her dad. For the whole summer. I don't know why he thought it would be better to live in another country. I mean, Brooke's step mom is very nice, and her other siblings are adorable, but I don't get it. She has to ride on a plane every time she wants to see him. 
    "Are you ready Jess?!" Brooke yelled from our living room in our shared apartment. We've been living together since we graduated. We planned it since middle school, and to be honest, it's been great.
    "Yah, I just have to gather up my stuff." I yelled from my bedroom. Okay, I have my suitcases, carry-on....that's everything. I can't believe I'm going to England. For a whole summer. Uhhh, I hate change. Brooke keeps telling me it's great over there. She has her own bedroom over there, even though she only stays there in the summer. "How long's the flight?"
    "From here to New York, its about 5 hours. And from there to London it's 8 hours," Brooke explained "so it's gonna take a while."
    "I guess I'm gonna fall asleep on the way there."
    "Jess, you fall asleep all the time." she said. It's true, I do fall asleep all the time. Even if the ride is 30 minutes, I'd still fall asleep.
     Brooke and I left the house at 9:00 am so we could get to our 10:00 flight on time. We barely made it to L.A.X on time, because Brooke has a bad sense of direction. We boarded our flight to New York.
    "Trust me, Jess, this isn't going to be all that bad. My step mom has a job at a clothing store, so we could go shopping. And I have my own bathroom." Brooke said convincingly. She knows that I like to have a bathroom to myself. Well, it will be with Brooke, but still, our own bathroom!
    "Okay Brooke, I'll believe you." I said defeated.
    "Thank you so much, Jess! You don't know how much this trip means to me!" she said happily. Brooke hasn't seen her dad in a long time, and neither have her siblings. She has only 2 full siblings: Finn, who is 16, and Emilia, who is 13. They hate their 
dad because he moved to another country. Brooke is really close to her dad, so she doesn't care about the plane rides and traveling. 
    I feel really bad for her. Her parents divorced before her younger sister was even born. But she still saw her dad. Every weekend. She loves him alot. 

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