Crazy For You

Jess comes with Brooke to her dad's for the summer. In England. When Jess meets Niall Horan at a local Starbucks, they exchange numbers. Will Jess have the heart to go back to America, or will she stay in England with Niall?


8. Chapter 8

June 19~~~Niall

    I woke up to my phone ringing. I looked at the time. Shit, it's already 10:00. I shot out of bed and jumped in the shower. I stood in the hot shower and thought about today. I really hope she likes theme parks. If she doesn't, I'm screwed. 
    After about 10 minutes in the shower, I finally got out. I put on a towel and checked my phone. I had a text from Jessa.
    From: Jessa <3

    are u awake?? ;)


    To: Jessa

    i am now :) good thing u woke me, or id still be sleeping


    From: Jessa <3

    haha. typical jess xx

    After our conversation, I got dressed. I put on a plain blue shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a snapback. It was 10:30 by then, so I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast. Liam was in there in his pajamas, eating cereal. I picked up a bowl and poured myself a box of cereal.
    "Good morning!" I sang. Liam didn't look too happy, and I was concerned.
    "What's wrong, Liam?"
    "Danielle broke up with me this morning..." he continued, and trailed off. I could see how sad he was. I walked up to him
and gave him a big hug. I heard him sniffle, and pulled away.
    "I'm sorry mate." I told him, and meant it. Liam's a really good friend of mine, and I don't like seeing him sad.
    "It's okay. I guess it didn't work out." His voice cracked, like he'd been crying a little before I walked into the kitchen. I know how to cheer him up!
    "Would you like to go to the theme park with me and Jessa today?" I asked.
    "I don't know. I don't wanna get in your guys's way." 
    "I'll ask her." I said, and pulled out my phone.
    To: Jessa <3

    is it ok if liam comes with us?? he's really sad xx


    I got a reply almost immediatly.

    From: Jessa <3

    of course! only if brooke can come too ;)


    "I guess it's a double date then." I told Liam, and his popped up.
    "Who else is coming?" Liam asked curiously.
    "Jessa's friend. Her name is Brooke." I said, and his eyes filled with curiosity.
    "Liam, if you wanna come, then you have to get ready now." I told him, and he got up and ran for the bathroom. He seems
a little too excited. He just broke up with his girlfriend. I guess he just wants something to do.
    After about 20 minutes, Liam walked into the living room. He was wearing a Beatles' shirt and jeans. I texted Jessa
and asked her for her address. In about 5 minutes, I got it.

    "Okay, I have Jessa's address. We should leave now to get there on time." I told him, and he followed me close behind. I 
grabbed my car keys and we headed out the door. I hope she's not mad that I made it into a double date. Here goes nothing.

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