Crazy For You

Jess comes with Brooke to her dad's for the summer. In England. When Jess meets Niall Horan at a local Starbucks, they exchange numbers. Will Jess have the heart to go back to America, or will she stay in England with Niall?


7. Chapter 7

June 18~~~Jessa

    Niall texted me the whole night. He asked me easy questions, like what my favorite color is, and how tall I am. It was 
cute. He couldn't wait to learn more about me. I learned alot about him, too: He's 19, 5'9'', his favorite color is blue, his natural hair
color is brown, and his birthday is September 13. 
    After we watched a few movies, it was nearly midnight. We went to bed and tried to fight the jet lag. It was not 
working. I went on my Twitter and looked up Niall's Twitter. It didn't surprise me that he was verified. I looked through his 
tweets, and one caught my eye. It was tweeted 4 hours ago.
    @NiallOfficial: im gonna hang out with the most amazing girl tomorrow. cant wait :) xx

    I can't believe he tweeted about me. It didn't say it was about me, but I'm just assuming. I followed him. Oh god, I 
can't wait for tomorrow    


*Sorry this chapter is short, I guess I couldn't think of anything else. If you guys have any suggestions for the story, like characters or plot, please tell me. I'm open to ideas!! -Emily :)*

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