Crazy For You

Jess comes with Brooke to her dad's for the summer. In England. When Jess meets Niall Horan at a local Starbucks, they exchange numbers. Will Jess have the heart to go back to America, or will she stay in England with Niall?


4. Chapter 4

June 18~~~Niall

    Jessa is the most amazing girl I have ever met. Her golden blonde curls fall effortlessly on her shoulders. Her dark green eyes sparkle when she smiles. Why am I falling in love so fast? I just met her! The boys are really happy that I found a girl. I haven't had a girlfriend in months. 
    "What was her name again, Niall? Jenna?" Liam asked, smirking at me. Me and Liam are good mates, so we tell each other
alot of things. And I was telling him about Jessa.
    "Her name is Jessa." I smiled as I said her name. It sounded better when I said it out loud. 
    "She's really beautiful, Niall." Liam assured me. "I think you found the right girl."
    "I know Liam. I just don't know where to bring her on a date." I said, and put my head in my hands. I don't really know where to bring her. I just met her today! 
    "Bring her to a theme park. She seems adventurous." Liam said, pacing the floor. He has a girlfriend, so he knows what girls like. Ah, this is complicated!
    "Okay, that sounds good." I said, feeling relieved. "Where should I bring her to dinner?" 
    "How about Nandos?" Liam asked. "It seems like a safe place to eat on the first date."
    "Okay. Thanks mate!" I said, and I hugged him. Not in that way! In a friendly way. I felt my phone buzz, and looked at it. I smiled when I realized who it was. 
    From: Jessa <3 

    hey. what time are u picking me up tomorrow?

    To: Jessa <3 

    at noon. and dress casual xx

    I set my phone down and started thinking. Will she like me after the first date? Will she think I'm weird or unattractive? Why am I even thinking about this? I shook my head, shaking away all of the worries. Of course she'll like me. She agreed to go on a date with me! 


*I hope you're liking it so far! Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions for the story, feel free to give me suggestions! Just keep in mind that I have the next five chapters written at this point. And if you guys want a schedule, like once a week, or a few times a week, please tell me. I'm open to suggestions!! -Emily :)*

*P.S. I'm writing a story (how surprising, it's another fanfic!) and want to know if you want to see the first chapter! Just let me know if you wanna see it. Bye! :D :D*


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