Crazy For You

Jess comes with Brooke to her dad's for the summer. In England. When Jess meets Niall Horan at a local Starbucks, they exchange numbers. Will Jess have the heart to go back to America, or will she stay in England with Niall?


3. Chapter 3

June 18~~~Jessa

    When me and Brooke got into town, I spotted a Starbucks. It's my favorite place to get coffee, so I begged Brooke to go.
    "But I don't even like coffee!" Brooke said. She actually hates coffee. She's more of a tea person. 
    "They don't have just coffee!" I told her. Her face looked relieved after I said that.
    "Good," she murmered. "because coffee is gross."
    We both walked in, and I felt at home. It looked exactly like the Starbucks in California. I walked up to the counter and ordered our drinks.
    "What's your name?" the cashier said in her British accent. I just can't get enough of the accents over here. I love British accents.
    "Jessa." I told her, smiling. She put my order in and said thank you. 
    "What did you order me?" Brooke asked me curiously. I honestly don't understand why whe hates coffee.
    "I ordered you tea." I told her, remembering how much she loves tea. I shuddered at the thought of tea. I hate tea as much as Brooke hates coffee.
    "Great! I love tea!" she exclaimed.
    "Jessa!" a person behind the counter said my name, telling me my order was ready. I walked up and got our orders, and I noticed a cute blonde boy staring at me. He had the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen. I couldn't help but stare back. He was the first to look away, and ordered his drinks. He looks familiar. Have I seen him anywhere? I shook my head, thinking that I probably saw someone that looked like him, and it wasn't him. I walked over to Brooke and gave her her drink.
    "That boy's staring at you." she giggled, and I looked to where her gaze was. And sure enough, the same blonde boy was staring at me again. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. "He looks very familiar." Brooke said confused.
    "I know, I don't know where I've seen him before."
    Brooke's phone went off, and she looked at it. It was a text. She read it and typed something, and then sent it. She looked up at me.
    "Monica wants me to get her something. I'll be back in 10 minutes." She said and started to get up. I looked at her.
    "Can I come with?" I asked.
    "Ya, if you wanna go to a craft store." she said sarcastically. I frowned, and she noticed my dissapointment. "That's 
what I thought. I'll be back in a little bit." she got up and walked out of the store. I sat awkwardly and looked at my phone. I 
went on Twitter and tweeted. 
    @JessaB123: @Brooke_Greene why did u have to leave me here? its sooo awkward! ;)
    When I was about to tweet something else, someone walked in front of me. I looked up from my phone and noticed it was the blonde boy that was staring at me. His big blue eyes were full of desperation. God, he was hot. 
    "Is it okay if I sit by you? I noticed that your friend left." he smiled, and I smiled back. He was cute.
    "Sure. I'm not doing anything important." I said and patted the seat next to me. He sat down and ran his fingers through his hair. He turned and met my eyes, and we both blushed.
    "I'm Jessa." I said, and held out my hand. He stared at my hand for a brief second, and shook it. He blushed again.
    "I'm Niall." he said with pride. I guess he has an Irish accent. I love those better than British accents.
    "I like your accent." I told him, and he smiled. "It's very different. Are you Irish?"
    "Yep. I'm from Ireland, but I moved here for my job."
    "And your job is?" I asked, wanting to know what this adorable boy did for a living.
    "I'm actually in a band. Have you ever heard of One Direction?" he asked. So that's why he looked so familiar!
    "I have. I like your music." I blushed. He looked away, probably thinking of what to say. He looked back at me.
    "I know this is sudden, but can I have your number?" he asked, his eyes full of hope. I thought about it for a couple seconds. Should I give my number to a complete stranger? He's from a world-famous boy band, he's not a complete stranger. Just give him your number, Jess, it won't kill you.
    "Sure!" I said, and he smiled. He unlocked his phone and opened his contacts. 
    "What's your number?" he asked.
    "310-564-8808." I told him, and he was typing away. "Do you have it?"
    "Yep. Thanks so much." he said and smiled at me. "I'll text you later. Bye." 
    "Bye." I said, and he hugged me. Wow, I would never have thought that Niall from One Direction would hug me. Snap out of it, Jessa, you are not obsessed with them. 
    Niall walked over to a table with 4 other boys. There was a boy with brown curly hair, a boy with black spiked hair, one with short brown hair, and one with longer brown hair. They must be the other boys in One Direction. The buzzing of my phone pulled me out of my thoughts. I got a text from and unknown number:
    From: Unkown Number

    hi jessa! this is niall. its later! i just wanted to say that ur beautiful! :)

    I smiled to myself. Niall was the sweetest boy I have ever met. I immediately put his number in my contacts and texted him back:
    To: Niall :P

    ur the sweetest boy ive ever met. thanks!! 

    When I was texting Niall, I got a text from Brooke:
    From: Brookey Bear

    meet me outside at the craft store across the street. ive got too many bags.

    I read it and was disappointed. I had to leave, and that meant I couldn't see Niall anymore today.
    To: Niall :P
    ur the sweetest boy ive ever met. thanks!! ive gotta go. text me if u wanna hang out?

    I got up and threw away my cup. When I was about to walk out, I heard a familiar Irish voice say my name.
    "Wait Jessa. I have to ask you something." he said. The other boys were smirking at me. 
    "Do you wanna hang out tomorrow night?" he asked, his eyes filled with hope. I answered with what my heart was telling me.
    "Definitely." I replied, and he smiled with relief. 
    "Great, I'll text you. Bye." he walked back to his friends, and they all high-fived him. I walked out of Starbucks, not believing what I did. Am I really going on a date with Niall from One Direction?

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