Shh..Don't Say A Word

Tahlia used to be very outgoing and vibrant.
Until one person ruins it all..


2. Ch. 2

I knew that Krista had planned for David to beat me up in front of the courtyard, where everyone is. 

I had a plan. 

My plan was to ruin theirs. 

When David gets up to beat me up.

I'll yell what he did. In front of everyone. Everyone will know why I'm quiet now.

They'll know I'm afraid to speak, because I'm afraid I'll hurt someone.

Like Krista does.

I ditched 4th period and went into the auditory room and hooked up a microphone. I stuck it into my back pocket and went to the courtyard.

I stood in the courtyard and awaited my brutal beating. I saw David slowly get up and walk to me. Everyone stared. He threw back his hand and punched my face. I felt my straight teeth scrape my mouth. I got up from the ground and washed around the blood in my mouth. I looked at David and spit the blood in his face. I stood up on the table. 

"You all haven't heard me talk yet have you?" My raspy little voice said. "Wanna know why? Well, when I was a freshman David was told by KRISTA BELL to come into my house and try to do stuff to me." I paused. "You heard I threatened to shoot him right? Well, that's because he broke into my home and got into my room. I managed to get into my hallway and get my dads hunting riffle. That's why I told him I'd shoot him." I yelled. The teachers watched me.

"Krista Bell. Made me go silent." I walked to her. "Her Prada heels and Hollister dresses may look pretty. I took my sharp pencil and poked her arm. "She isn't at all what she seems. She's been brutally torturing me since middle school. Tell them why Krista!" My voice echoed and she stood, stunned like a hamster, and didn't speak. "I-I..." She stuttered.

"That's what I thought. No reason at all." I walked to David, who still had blood splattered on his face. "Wanna see something?" I smiled. I pulled out my phone and showed it to him. I let him see it and then I got onto the table. 

"This is me! After being beaten down my David." I showed them all a picture of me. In my room. With bruises all over my face. With cuts everywhere. With a bloody lip and a black eye. "THIS BOY DID THIS TO ME." I paused.

"Now what do you think of me?" I said softly as I hopped off the table and walked out of the school.

With pride.

and Fear.

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