Shh..Don't Say A Word

Tahlia used to be very outgoing and vibrant.
Until one person ruins it all..


1. Ch. 1

I ran through the hall quickly to avoid being called names. My long red hair was kept back by a beanie and my blue eyes shifted from left to right to make sure her evil body wasn't around. Krista. Krista Bell. She hates me, she send her guy friends who love to torture me. They toss open soda cans at me and throw their cigarette packs at me. They toss my books around and throw my backpack into the trashcans. They pull my red hair and mutter names 'Ginger' and 'Soulless' and yell things like "Speak you idiot!" or "Why won't you talk?!" 

Well, There's a reason behind that.

Krista started being mean in about the 6th grade, now I'm a sophomore in high school. She would tease me and write mean things on my locker in eraser marker. In freshman year, she sent a guy to my house and had him try to sexually abuse me. Before he could do anything, I ran into the hall and grabbed my dads hunting riffle and threatened to shoot. He took a couple steps back and backed down. He ran back to where ever he came from.

Then he told everyone that I threatened to shoot him.

and no one listened to my side of the story.

But now,

that's all going to change.

I know their plan.

and I'm gonna screw it up.

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