1D Love

This story is about a girl who's best friends ditch her at the Valentine's Day party. Then the band One Direction comes and preformes. For a sweet treat they decide to call an audience member on the stage. Will they pick Morgan or will she be alone on the most romanic day of the year? This story is for the 1Shot41D contest.


1. Valentine's Day

It was a snow covered Valentine's Day. My house was decorated with all sorts of Valentine's Day decorations. I made a bunch in art class over the week. My friends and I were going to go to a party at five so I went out to get ready. I headed to the mall and met up with my two best friends, Madi and Bryanna. First stop was Justic to pick out a beautiful dress for the party. The dress I picked out was a strapless that came down to my knees. It was pink with red streaks. I also bought a pair of red high heels. After we got our dresses we went to get our hair and nails done. By then it was about four thirty so we headed to the party. The party was at a really cool teen club. It had live music at least once a night and a snack bar. The dance floor was huge so it never got crowded, unless a popular band played. We walked in and paid the entry fee. I walked over to a table and set my purse on the back of the chair and laid my coat over it. My friends and I danced to a couple songs before Bryanna's boyfriend, Jacob, showed up. Then she started hanging out with him. About thirty minutes later Madi's boyfriend, Dakota, showed up. I was all by myself. Then the live band came out. It was One Direction! I ran to the edge of the stage, just like any other girl, and made it to the front. They sang "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Little Things". Then Niall, my favorite, made an announcement. "As a special treat for Valentine's Day," he said, "One of you will get to come on stage with us." I was getting really excited. The boys were whispering to eachother about something. Then Niall walked over to the edge of the stage and grabbed MY hand. He pulled me up on stage and I wasspeechless. "What's your name love?" Harry asked. He put the mic in front of me and I said, "Morgan." Then Louis grabbed the mic and said, "WEll your the lucky winner. You get to stay up on stage and sing with us for our next song." "Plus you get to talk to us backstage," Liam added. Zayn took the mc and announced, "The last song of the night will be up all night." We sang the song and then went backstage. When we got their I handed Harry my iPod and asked, "Could you take my picture with each of you?" "Sure," he replied. I got my picture taken with each of them. When it was time for them to go I hugged Niall one last time. Then he pecked my cheeck. By then the party was almost over. I grabbed my coat and purse. I slid my iPod into my purse and put my coat on. I walked out the door and headed home. When I got home I changed into my PJs and laid down. I never thought that I'd get to hang out with One Direction. Turns out, anything is possible.

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