She moved to england with her dad and little brother when her parents got divorced. She went to school and bumps into a boy. Blue eyes, brown hair. Perfect. One Problem. He was popular and talented. She wasn't anything like that. When they started dating, She was hated. He joined X factor and became famous together with Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam in a band called One Direction. She was hated more than ever. Things get worst when his ex girlfriend tries to steal him back because of his fortune. One day, she finally snaps. She runs away and he tries to chase after her. But he got into an accident and cant remember her. He only remembers his ex girlfriend and eventually gets back with her thinking that they were together from the start. His name is Niall and her name was Rachel. She was forgotten...


4. Unexpected....


School just ended a week ago. That WHOLE week, guess how much hate I get each day for dating Niall... 25... each day 25 packages are delivered to my door containing MORE hate. The worst one so far is a whole box of pictures... not ordinary pictures... pictures of me being stabbed with razors... Harsh. As usual, I laughed it off. But inside, I'm dying again and again. Only to be revived to receive more hate.Niall is always protecting me by personally going to whoever sent the package and ask them to stop it immediately. I only agreed to move to England because I guessed I could escaped the hate from those people back in Ireland. I guessed wrong. Anyway, My Dad brought Jake to his friend's birthday party. So Niall and I were going on holiday for the whole summer so he can show me around England. Just the two of us so we could get away from the hate. Niall was going to pick me up at 3pm today. He refused to tell me where we are going. But when he told me to pack ALL of my clothes, I got curious. Niall told me to get dressed in my most comfortable clothes. So I dressed up in my Cookie Monster hoodie and my red cotton leggings. I slipped into my red converse and waited in the living room. While I was waiting, I was playing Angry Birds. I was about to get the last pig when suddenly everything went black. 'NIALL!!! I WAS PLAYING ANGRY BIRDS! I WAS GOING TO GET THE LAST PIG WHEN YOUR GIGANTIC HANDS BLINDED ME! LOOK! NOW THE STUPID BIRD IS FLYING EVERYWHERE!' I screamed pulling his hands off of my eyes. 'But we need to go! NOW! We Have a reservation for Nandos! And I'm Starving!' He said puling his adorable puppy face. 'Fine. But you have to pay for EVERYTHING I order.' I said picking up my neon green bag and purple hush puppies luggage and putting them in the back seat of Niall's flashy new Range Rover. 'You and your Nandos.' I said as I got into the car. He just laughed and drove to Nandos. Or so I thought. 'Niall, Nandos is the opposite way.' I said glancing out the window. 'I know. You have to wear this blindfold now.' he said smiling as he handed me the blindfold. I just shot him a confused look but I wore it anyway. I could feel Niall parking the car. He led me down an alley. It was very narrow cause I could touch the walls. He opened up what sounded like a door. 'Niall?' I asked nervously. 'You worry too much, Babe!' he said chuckling a little bit. I entered the room Niall brought me to and he started to untie the blindfold. When he untied the blindfold, I discovered that I was in a huge room with baby pink and white striped walls and a few baby pink tables. 'This is the best bakery in England cause you get to decorate your own cakes!!!' Niall said. 'If it is the best then why is it empty?' I asked him. 'I thought I would rent it out for our first date which is also your birthday!' He replied. Shoot! I forgot today was my birthday! 'OMG! I totally forgot! I'm growing OLD!!!' I almost yelled. We both chuckled until a young lady, probably our waitress, brought us to one of the long tables which had all of the supplies necessary to decorate a cake. 'What will the flavor of the cake be?' She asked us. 'CHOCOLATE!!!' I replied. she brought the cake to our table and we started to decorate it. I outlined the edges of the cake with tons of whip cream and stuck gummy bears onto it. Niall was writing a note on the cake:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACH! Hope this is good enough for our first date! Love Nialler! <3


I saw Rachel smiling when she read the note. So I grabbed a handful of flour and threw it on her face. 'Ahh! Niall!!!' She said reaching for a napkin to wipe her face. After that she reached for the whipped cream bottle. 'Don't you dare!!!' I raised a hand to cover my face. 'What? I'm going to decorate the cake!' She said while she decorated the cake. I put my hand down. BIG MISTAKE. She immediately sprayed the whipped cream on my face. 'HEYY!!!' I said licking my face. 'What? You started it!' She replied. We ended up having a food fight until the manager of the bakery interrupted us. 'Oops. Sorry for the mess.' Rachel said looking at the ground to hide her blush. He just rolled his eyes and mumbled, 'Young love.' very softly. But I could hear it. I paid a little extra to make up for the mess and we brought the cake to the car. When we entered the car I remembered something. I pulled out a blue jewelry box from my pocket and handed it to Rachel. 'Happy birthday, Babes!' I said. She opened the box and pulled out a silver necklace with a four leafed clover pendant with green emeralds on it. :


She stared at it for a while and then she put it on. 'Niall I love it! Thank you so much! Now I will remember Ireland FOREVAH!' I started driving to where we were going to spend our holiday. We were going to the beach and live in the beach house for two weeks. It took us two hours to get there. But when we got there, Rachel was already asleep. I shook her gently to wake her up and she just moaned. I rolled my eyes and got out of the car. I brought our bags into the beach house into OUR room. Yes, OUR room. I grabbed a big bucket from the kitchen and filled it with sea water. I walked to the car and poured it all over Rachel. 'Niall! That's the third time today!!!' She yelled. She got out of the car and marched into the beach house. I was left outside laughing my heart out. When I had enough of laughing, I walked up to the beach house and turned the door knob. It turned halfway and stopped. I turned it again and again. Rachel locked me out! 'RACHEL! OPEN THIS DOOR!' I yelled. 'Did you really think you could get away from me? GUESS AGAIN!' She yelled back. 'OPEN THE DOOR!' I repeated. 'Okay only because I love you!' I heard her say. I heard her unlock the door so I foolishly opened the door and stepped in the house. 'You are horrible at pranks!' I yelled. Then I saw her hiding behind the door with a bucket of iced water. 'Oh really?' she said. Then she splashed the bucket of water at me. 'Ahhh! It's so cold!' I replied. 'It's ICE WATER! DUH!' She said rolling on the floor laughing. 'AND I GOT IT ON CAMERA!!!' She said running to a camera. I ran after her but I was too late. She already posted it on twitter. She stuck her tongue out at me and I just smirked.

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