She moved to england with her dad and little brother when her parents got divorced. She went to school and bumps into a boy. Blue eyes, brown hair. Perfect. One Problem. He was popular and talented. She wasn't anything like that. When they started dating, She was hated. He joined X factor and became famous together with Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam in a band called One Direction. She was hated more than ever. Things get worst when his ex girlfriend tries to steal him back because of his fortune. One day, she finally snaps. She runs away and he tries to chase after her. But he got into an accident and cant remember her. He only remembers his ex girlfriend and eventually gets back with her thinking that they were together from the start. His name is Niall and her name was Rachel. She was forgotten...


7. Under water kisses and customized t shirts



A/n: Sorry haven't updated in a while. I have some good news and bad news. Good news is, I am joining the 'One week at hogwarts.' competition! I actually had a dream last night about that. So I entered the competiton! Bad news is, I won't be able to update for one week. :( So here is the final update for a while before I start the book about hogwarts. The title is Wizard,Witches,Goblins and more. Watch out for it! :) <3 xx ~Rachel



'Rachel! Wake UP!' I screamed as I jumped on the bed Rachel was sleeping in hitting her with pillows. 'Five more minutes!' She groaned. 'RACHEL EMILIA JACKSON! DON'T MAKE ME GET THE BUCKET OF SEA WATER AGAIN!' I screamed at her. She immediately sat up and rubbed her eyes stil half asleep. Her hair was flowed down to her shoulders and she wore a cute peach coloured top with a picture of a moustache on the front and white pajams with pink flowery designs. She walked to the bathroom and got ready while I waited down stairs. I made a special breakfast for the both of us; 5 pancakes for each of us, 4 strips of bacon and a glass of orange juide for me. Rachel didn't really like orange juice so I got her a glass of milk. When Rachel got down, she was already fully awake, not to mention ready to eat. We both had an eating competition, whch I gladly won. Then we had a drinking competition, which Rachel irritatingy won. After she finished drinking her glass of milk, she had a milkstache under her nose. I gigled a bit and she noticed. 'What?' she asked. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and showed it to her so she could see the reflection of her face on the screen. She probably saw it cause she was about to wipe it with a napkin when I stopped her. 'No, let me get it.' I said. I pulled her face nearer to mine and wiped it with my thumb. Now our faces were milimeters away. I closed the gap between us by pressing my lips gently on her soft plush ones. I licked her bottom lip asking her for entrance, but being her cheeky self denied it. I tried again and again but I got rejected. After a few more atempts, I gave up and pulled away. But that wasn't the end. I picked her up and swung her over my shoulder. I could feel her hands banging on my back while she was screamng demanding me to let go. But I ept my firm grip. I stepped out of the beach house and headed towards the sea. As soon as Rachel saw that, she punched my back harder and screamed. 'NO! NIALL! WE ARE FULLY CLOTHED! NIALL! PLEASE?' I shifted her posstion so now I was carrying her bridal style. I walked right into the sea and the water level was now just above my hip. I lowered Rachel down so the tips of her hair touched the water below her. 'NO! NIALL PLEASE?' she begged. 'Kiss me again.' I said lowering my head. She shook her head no to tease me. I lowered her even more. She gripped my t shirt. 'Kiss me.' I repeated. She giggled then shook her head again. I threw her in the water. I was laughing so hard until I felt a hand grip my ankle. 'RACHEL! N-' I was cut off by being submerged underwater. I opened my eyes a little and saw Rachel smiling underwater. I pulled her in and kissed her passionately underwater. It was magical. As if we were the only people in the world. We surfaced panting with lack of air. We walked into the beach house hand in hand and dried each other off. I had something special planned for both of us so I told her to get dressed into something casual.


I was wondering what Niall was planning. He had a huge grin when he told me to get dressed. Hmm... Well I was going to find out soon anyways so I quickly got dressed in a green top with the words 'I'm Irish and I know it!' on the front that I knew Niall was going to love and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. I wore the necklace that Niall gave me and went to the bathroom to apply some makeup. I put on some mascara and lipgloss. I didn't really like to put on too much makeup. I caught Niall having a quick snack. Typical Nialler. After he finished eating, which is not that long, we got into his car and we drove to the mall! We looked around the mall and we found this really cool shop that sells customized t shirts! Niall and I decided that we were going to have one green t shirt each that had a picture of us on the front and the words 'PROPERTY OF NIALL JAMES HORAN' for me and 'PROPERTY OF RACHEL EMILIA JACKSON' for Niall. After we picked the t shirts we wanted to customize, the shop owner brought us to the back room and we sat on a bench infront of a green screen and took a few pictures. After a few pictures, we picked the picture that was going to be used for the t shirts. Niall and I decided to pick the picture when Niall was kissing my cheek at the so-called-park. It was really cute! The shop owner said that we could come back in an hour or so to pick up the t shirts. While waiting, Niall and I went to the top floor of the mall. It was really cold at the top floor cause there was an ice rink right in the middle of the level. We decided to kill the time by ice skating. We rented a pair of skates and we were going to go on the ice when I stopped Niall. 'Niall, I don't know how to skate.' I confessed. Niall flashed me his amazing smile and hugged me tight. 'Well then I guess I have to teach you right?' he said as he squeezed my hand as I stepped onto the ice. I almost fell on my bum but Niall caught me. Niall held my hips tightly from behind and taught me how to skate. After a while I got the hang of it and I was speeding around the rink careful not to bump into the other people skating and I was doing a few spins as well. Niall chuckled at my energy a few times. But sadly, we had to leave to pick up the t shirts. When we picked the t shirts up, I was amazed by how they looked! They were better than I expected. We paid for the t shirts and we took them to the car. We got into the car and quietly drove to the beach house. Too quiet. I got bored halfway through the ride and fell asleep. After a while, I felt the car stop. I pretended to sleep more to see what Niall would do. I heard his car door open and close then my door opened and I heard him pick up the bag with our t shirts inside with one hand and the other scooped me up and carried me bridal style. Then he kicked the door behind him to close it. I was amazed at this boy. He was so strong! He could carry me with one arm! I heard the front door open and close followed by footsteps on the wooden stairs up to our bedroom. He placed me down on the bed and pecked my forehead. 'I love you, princess. Goodnight.' That was the last thing I heard as I was drifting off to sleep again.

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