She moved to england with her dad and little brother when her parents got divorced. She went to school and bumps into a boy. Blue eyes, brown hair. Perfect. One Problem. He was popular and talented. She wasn't anything like that. When they started dating, She was hated. He joined X factor and became famous together with Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam in a band called One Direction. She was hated more than ever. Things get worst when his ex girlfriend tries to steal him back because of his fortune. One day, she finally snaps. She runs away and he tries to chase after her. But he got into an accident and cant remember her. He only remembers his ex girlfriend and eventually gets back with her thinking that they were together from the start. His name is Niall and her name was Rachel. She was forgotten...


10. My Tragically Haunted Past


After I cooled down a bit, I told Niall about my tragically haunted past. As much as it hurt to remember those very moments, he deserves to know.

"A few years back when I was 16. I had a boyfriend named Luke. But we never kissed so you were my first kiss, Niall." I smiled at the thought that HE was MY first kiss. "Luke seemed sweet at first. So I agreed to be his girlfriend. But I was only 16. I was just a foolish teenager. He started drinking and hitting me. But I could never tell my dad cause he would call the police. The problem was he was a part-time officer. So I had no where to hide or run." I looked at Niall and he signalled for me to continue. "The first time I tried to run away from him, he started a rumour about me. He called me a slut and a whore. That's why everybody hates me. When my parents divorced, I decided to go with my Dad so i could run away from him. The first thing I did when I came here is change my number. But before I did so, I received one last text. From none other than Luke;

I know where you are. Trust me, I will find you. When I do, You are so gonna get it."

I sobbed into Niall's chest. Heck, why do I even bother to remember every single detail of that horrible relationship? Niall rubbed my back with his right hand and combed through my hair with his other hand. He started mumbling the song he wrote for me in my ear. It did calm me down a bit. 'I'm lucky enough he was drunk so he didn't recognise me. If he wasn't I would be lying in a pool of blood now.' I whispered to Niall. He lifted my chin so I was looking him in the eye. But there was something different about him. His crystal blue eyes have turned into a dark black colour. 'Don't ever think that again. I'm here to protect you no matter what.' He promised. I'm suprised that he cared so much. No body cares about a loser like me. Then I started thinking of what might happen when we land. Then it hit me in the head like a ton of bricks. ' Niall? How long are we staying at Ireland?' I asked. His reply nearly made me pass out. THE REST OF THE SUMMER??? That means I have a very high chance of encountering my old classmates who made fun of me. Or worse... Luke himself. I also have a very high chance of encountering Luke!!! And he might even remember me!!! I felt my stomach do a somersault. I'm doomed. Then I remeber Niall's words. I will protect you no matter what. I hope so Niall.... I hope so...

A/n: I'm sorry this chapter is short... I made it short cause I want them to land in the next chapter. I think I wrote around THREE chapters of them on the plane :P xx To those who are "Dying" for me to publish the dirty scene, Calm down! 



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