She moved to england with her dad and little brother when her parents got divorced. She went to school and bumps into a boy. Blue eyes, brown hair. Perfect. One Problem. He was popular and talented. She wasn't anything like that. When they started dating, She was hated. He joined X factor and became famous together with Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam in a band called One Direction. She was hated more than ever. Things get worst when his ex girlfriend tries to steal him back because of his fortune. One day, she finally snaps. She runs away and he tries to chase after her. But he got into an accident and cant remember her. He only remembers his ex girlfriend and eventually gets back with her thinking that they were together from the start. His name is Niall and her name was Rachel. She was forgotten...


9. It's him...

A/n: SORRY GUYS! I thought I already published this chapter a week ago. i only noticed It didn't actually publish today.. Forgive me? :( No? PWEEEASEE??? Ok, I'll update not once... not twice...not thrice...Nah. Just kidding. I'll update # times today to make it up to you. :) Have fun! :) For those of you who requested a long dirty scene. I'm not really comfortable writting those. So usually ask to use other people's work. I'll credit them don't worry! :)


Rachel finally finished watching her Harry Potter marathon. I could tell she was bored, so was I. Then she placed the earbuds in her ear and the other one in mine. 'What song do you want?' She asked. 'What's your favorite?' I asked. She scrolled down the list and picked one. 'This was my favorite movie when I was a kid.' She said. Then I recognized the song. Way Back Into Love, from the movie Music and Lyrics. Before we knew it we were both singing the duet quietly to ourselves. She hit every note perfectly. I was impressed! I never knew she could sing. When the song ended I asked her if anybody knew that she could sing. She shook her head no. 'How could anybody not know! Rachel, You have the most beautiful voice I've heard!' She blushed. 'No! It's awful! Everybody at my old school said so.' She looked down at the floor tears daring to spill out her once sparkling hazel eyes. I lifted her chin with two fingers. 'They must be tone deaf then.' I said giving a small smirk. 'Good afternoon passengers! This is your captain speaking informing you that we will be landing in around 30 minutes. All passengers that need to use the toilet are advised to do so now. We hope that you had a wonderful flight with us today. Goodbye!' And with that I saw Ireland below the plane. 'Niall! Is that Ireland!?!?!' I guess I wasn't the only one to see. 'Took you long enough to figure out where we are going! You didn't even realize that everyone on this plane have Irish accents!' I replied. She gave me a smirk. She leaned in to kiss me but stopped halfway. 'I need to go to the bathroom.' She said standing up and walking towards the bathroom. 'TEASE!' I shouted after her but I was hushed by the person sitting infront of me. OOPS!


The toilets are just a few seats in front of our seat. So it wasn't that far away. All the booths were occupied so I was waiting outside. I felt someone staring at my ass. 'Stop staring Horan.' I said. 'Who's Horan?' A deep Irish accent replied sending cold shivers down my spine. I turned around and saw a tall Irish guy with dark brown hair. He pushed me against the wall. 'G-Get away f-from me!' I stuttered. 'Why? I want you in my pants.' His breathe smelled strongly like alchohol. He pushed his now hard erection against my stomach. I whimpered and shut my eyes tightly. He held both my wrist above my head so I was locked in possition. Cold beads of sweat started to form on my forehead. I peeked a little through my eye lids in search of a stewardess. None. Great. I shut my eyes tight again. I tried to scream but it all came out as whimpers. Oh Niall. HELP!


What is taking her so long! Rachel has been 'in the bathroom' for fifteen minutes! Since the toilets were just a few seats in front, I stuck my head out and took a look. And then I saw it. A jerk was pushing MY girlfriend against the wall. I saw Rachel kicking her legs to get out of his grip but it was no use. I unbuckled my seatbelt quickly and stood up. 'Hey you! Stay away from MY girlfriend.' I yelled as I neared them. He let go of Rachel and clenched his fists. Rachel ran into one of the vaccant toilets. The jerk threw the first punch. He was strong but I stood my ground and turned my head with the punch. I punched him back aand we ended up in a fight until the stewardess pulled us apart. I dusted myself off as I send the jerk a death glare while the stewardess escort him to his own seat. I knocked on the door of the toilet that Rachel was in. She unlocked the door and I led her back to our seats. Judging from her red puffy eyes and smudged mascara, she'd been crying. But why? 'What's wrong babe?' I mumbled as I leaned her head on my chest. As quiet as her sniffles were, I could hear every single one. 'I-It's n-nothing. I-I fine.' She flashed a fake smile. I have to admit, that fake smile was seemed very realistic. But the her eyes were a give away. Her once bright hazel eyes that glimmered in the sunlight turned a dark color full of pain and hurt seemingly from her past. I raised an eyebrow for her to tell me the truth. At that moment she burst into tears. Leaving mascara stains on my shirt. Good thing I wore a black shirt. 'Shhh.... It's okay... You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.' I rubbed her back in attempt to calm her down. It was working cause I could feel her sniffles lessen. She shook her head no. 

'I-It's h-him...'

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