She moved to england with her dad and little brother when her parents got divorced. She went to school and bumps into a boy. Blue eyes, brown hair. Perfect. One Problem. He was popular and talented. She wasn't anything like that. When they started dating, She was hated. He joined X factor and became famous together with Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam in a band called One Direction. She was hated more than ever. Things get worst when his ex girlfriend tries to steal him back because of his fortune. One day, she finally snaps. She runs away and he tries to chase after her. But he got into an accident and cant remember her. He only remembers his ex girlfriend and eventually gets back with her thinking that they were together from the start. His name is Niall and her name was Rachel. She was forgotten...


8. Destination Unknown.

A/n: Sorry guys... The first part when Niall is waking Rachel up is a little bit dirty. I'll underline the dirty parts so you know which one to not read of you don't feel comfortable... And I am going to change my other movella ,'Wizards,Witches,Goblins and more' to 'In only one week.' Keep a look out! :)

2 months later~


Rachel and I only have two more months of summer left. So today, I'm taking Rachel to meet the Horans. Yes, we will both fly to Ireland just to meet my parents. Then when I audition for X factor, my family will fly to England with us to support me. Rachel and I will be excused from school for one day. If I get through the auditions, I will take online classes and Rachel will go back to school. It's complicated. So now I have to wake Rachel up cause our flight leaves at 9am. We have to be there by 8.30am and it is a one hour ride to the airport. Did I mention that it is already 7.45? Rachel doesn't know where we are going yet... It's gonna be a surprise! 'Rachel! Wake UP!' I screamed. She checked her phone. 'Got dammit Niall! It's only 7.45 in the morning!' Grr... Her irish accent mixed with her morning voice is so sexy. 'Get up! We have to go to the airport!' I said, or screamed. 'BUT WHY?!?' she replied crossing her arms over her chest. 'I'm not telling you! It's a surprise!' I replied. 'NIALL JAMES HORAN! FOR THE PAST 2 MONTHS YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING, BUT SURPRISE ME!' She mumbled burying her face in her pillow. I counted aloud to see how many seconds she could last before gasping for air. 'Ten seconds.. Not bad!' I said jokingly. But she didn't respond, she just laid on her back and closed her eyes, trying to fall back to sleep. I sighed and ripped the blanket away from her. I jumped on top of her and kissed her roughly. I felt her moan in the kiss. I smirked and asked for entrance. As usual, she playfully denied. But knowing her for 2 months, I knew her weaknesses and strengths. I spread her legs and put my hand in her panties and rubbed her clit. She gasped and I took the opportunity to slide my tongue in her mouth. I smiled into the kiss knowing that I won. I pulled away and she frowned. I sent her a cheeky wink as I got off of her. She held her hands up in the air and I got the message. I bent down and picked her up from the bed. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her down to the dining room. We ate our breakfast quickly and took a shower together. Now I know what you're thinking, nothing happened! We weren't ready for that...yet. ;)

~30 minutes later- (around 8.15)

'HURRY UP RACHEL! THE GATE CLOSES IN 5 MINUTES!' I pulled Rachel behind me as I ran to the boarding gate. But being a stubborn person she was she stopped in her tracks. 'I WON'T MOVE UNTILL YOU TELL ME WHERE WE ARE GOING!' She snapped. I sighed and turned around. 'If you hurry up I will give you absolutely all my food on the flight!' I whispered in her ear. She rubbed her chin teasingly pretending to think. After a while, she agreed and we both ran to the boarding gate. I knew I was going to regret that bargain but if I didn't make that deal we would have missed our flight! When we finally got pass the last bag check, we sat down on the chairs waiting for our seat numbers to be called. Did I mention that when we got to the boarding gate it was already 8.19? One minute to spare! For God's sake! Rachel is the most stubborn person I've ever met! 'Oh yeah! Rachel? I need you to wear this. And put these in your ears.' I said handing her a blindfold and earplugs connected my iPod. She sighed but put them on. I got a glance of what she was playing on my iPod; Lucky by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz. Who can blame her? That song was basically our life story! I checked my watch. 8.59.53.... 54.....55.....56.....57....58.......59...... 9 am. '9 am flight bound for Mulingar, Ireland is now ready for boarding. We would like to invite those who are seated at the first class cabin to board first.' Thank god! I tugged Rachel's arm to make her stand up. I grabbed our carry ons and the I held Rachel by the waist from behind and led her into the plane. We took a seat and Rachel rested her head on my shoulder. 'I heard the voiceover woman say something about first class. I also heard that first class provides the best food...' She said teasing me. Right then, my stomach growled. 'Somebody is hungry! Too bad! You are gonna give ME your food for however long this flight takes!' She said. A few minutes later the plane engine roared to life and soon enough the plane was airbourne. Rachel was too busy watching a harry potter marathon to bother noticing that the other passengers had Irish accents aswell. 'Excuse me! What would you like to eat the Barbecue Chicken or the Beef Rice with nuts?' A woman tapped my shoulder. 'Umm...' I thought for a while. Rachel is allergic to nuts. 'Both please!' I said. I handed Rachel both trays and she opened the Beef rice first. 'Niall! This has nuts!' She said tugging on my sleeve. 'Well I guess you'll have to let ME eat that then.' I smirked. 'Fine you win.' She handed me the tray and she started eating her food while I eat mine. After we finish eating, She rested her head on my chest, I leaned in to kiss her but she stopped me by putting her finger on my lip. 'Nu-uh! You ate nuts!' She said as I rolled my eyes. She sat up to whisper in my ear. 'I win..' She pulled away to stick her tongue out at me.

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