My Brother's Best Friend

Jasmin Smith is no one special to the eyes of the public. A normal pretty barmaid at a pub, a talent for singing and a flat in London. But not too long ago, Jasmin received some horrible news. Her twin brother, her other half, James has passed on, and she is now alone.
Jasmin and James are originally from Holmes Chapel, and James's best friend was no other than Harry Styles. The two boys lost touch when Harry started getting whirled around in the famous life, but even after all the time that has passed, Harry is devastated at the news of James passing away. When he and Jasmin meet by chance, he makes it his mission to help her recover after the great loss she has suffered, and perhaps recover himself with her help. He feels it is his duty towards James to protect and shelter her, but never did he expect that those feelings should grow much stronger than that.


8. Chapter 7

Later that night the pub was pretty much empty so Charlie just closed up early and sent us home. When I reached home I just changed and lied down in bed and switched on the TV, it was only 6pm. I might as well text Harry and ask him to come over, why be alone? His movie must be over by now.

''Hey Haz, wanna come over and watch some movies?xx'' a few minutes passed and Harry replied

'Sure Jas, adress? Ill be there in 10 xx'' I quickly texted him the adress and started looking for films, i ended up choosing ''Love Actually'' because it was my favourite film. Then I went to go get some snacks and drinks from the kitchen and made my way back to my room and placed all the stuff on the table as someone knocked on the door. I opened the door revealing a tall, green-eyed smirking boy whom I had known for as long as I can remember.

''Hey gorgeous'' He said winking

''Hello handsome'' I replied smirking, letting him in. He slowly entered as his eyes scanned all over the place and for a while there was silence till i finally asked him to come to my room and watch the film, he replied with a ''Okay Jasmin, I like your place, it's so ...'' He searched for a word he could use which wouldn't offend me... ''modern and cozy, I love it. When your famous you pretty much only go to five star hotels and to be honest, I'm sick of it.''

''Well, your welcome to stay anytime'' I said taking his hand leading him to my room and I let go when we reached the door, I entered and looked for the remote. Harry was still standing by the door then out of nowhere he ran towards the bed and jumped making the bed jump. I give him a questioning look...

''What?'' He asked and we both started laughing and I ran to the bed and jumped on too as we were both roaring with laughter. Near the end of the movie we were both cuddling and I was beginning to get really tired, soon I was asleep.

I woke up to flashes and Harrys laugh... This was never a good thing, I had learnt this when i was younger.

I opened my eyes, revealing Harry taking pictures of me, he stopped when he saw I was awake. I scanned the room and saw a marker pen and whip cream next to Harry... Uh-oh.

He quickly ran out the room as I looked in the mirror. I gasped when i saw my reflection. Harry had drawn a beard on me and whip cream was all over my face...

''HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' I yelled as loud as I could as I heard laughter coming from the kitchen. I ran and saw his head pop out from behind the curtains, he quickly hid again hoping i hadn't seen him, an evil smirk crept upon my face.

''Oh Hazza come out, come out, where ever you are'' I slowly crept over to the curtains...  1...2...3.

''I FOUND YOUUUU!!!'' I yelled right in his face as he made a beeline for my room but i tripped him and landed on top of him and we... accidently kissed.


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