My Brother's Best Friend

Jasmin Smith is no one special to the eyes of the public. A normal pretty barmaid at a pub, a talent for singing and a flat in London. But not too long ago, Jasmin received some horrible news. Her twin brother, her other half, James has passed on, and she is now alone.
Jasmin and James are originally from Holmes Chapel, and James's best friend was no other than Harry Styles. The two boys lost touch when Harry started getting whirled around in the famous life, but even after all the time that has passed, Harry is devastated at the news of James passing away. When he and Jasmin meet by chance, he makes it his mission to help her recover after the great loss she has suffered, and perhaps recover himself with her help. He feels it is his duty towards James to protect and shelter her, but never did he expect that those feelings should grow much stronger than that.


6. Chapter 5

A few days passed, i began to loose hope. I mean HARRY STYLES from FLIPPING ONE DIRECTION wouldnt have time to come back to an ordinary pub to just see me, would he? I was so confused. Its about midday, no one ever comes until like late in the evening. The door opened and the bell chimed as a young boy wearing a beanie entered. He started walking up to me, smirking. His beanie covered his eyes but i could recognise those dimples anywhere, it was Harry.

He came back, to see me.

''Why hello there Jasmin'' He said smirking and pulling me in a tight hug. I tried my hardest to be less depressed at work and to put on a fake smile for James' sake but around Harry... its different, its not a fake smile when hes around.

''Why hello there Harold'' i said smirking and he started laughing. His laugh was so deep and adorable.

''I told you, id come back'' He said sitting down ''You free now?''

''Yuppidoodles'' He started laughing again, i used to say that when i was young, guess he remembered...

''You still use that?''

''Yuppidoodles'' I said smirking

I quickly went and got us two hot chocolates and sat down opposite him, he started to ask me questions which i was happily answering until he asked the one i was dreading...

''Why didn't you ever call? He became serious and looked into my eyes.

''I-i-its just i-we, me and Ja-aa-mes, thought you had forgotten about us after becoming a part of one direction, Im sorry'' I stuttered.

''Jasmin?'' He looked shocked, hurt and disappointed, ''How could you think i could forget about you and J-jaa-mee-ss?'' A tear rolled down his check as he said James' name, i suddenly felt so guilty for never calling him.

''Im so sorry Haz'' I said tears pouring out of my eyes. He stood up and sat next to me then engulfed me in a long hug. I felt so safe in his arms, like outside i was in danger but in here in his arms, everything was perfect...

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