My Brother's Best Friend

Jasmin Smith is no one special to the eyes of the public. A normal pretty barmaid at a pub, a talent for singing and a flat in London. But not too long ago, Jasmin received some horrible news. Her twin brother, her other half, James has passed on, and she is now alone.
Jasmin and James are originally from Holmes Chapel, and James's best friend was no other than Harry Styles. The two boys lost touch when Harry started getting whirled around in the famous life, but even after all the time that has passed, Harry is devastated at the news of James passing away. When he and Jasmin meet by chance, he makes it his mission to help her recover after the great loss she has suffered, and perhaps recover himself with her help. He feels it is his duty towards James to protect and shelter her, but never did he expect that those feelings should grow much stronger than that.


32. Chapter 29

Harry’s POV:




“Harry I know you’re bummed out over something, but you’ve got to snap out of it. The tour is coming up! We need you on you’re a-game.” Helene sighed. She was honestly the best vocal coach we could’ve asked for, because she genuinely cared for us. And I had tried my best to be happier lately, for the sake of the people around me, the people that I love, but I just couldn’t do it for long. I couldn’t pretend to be happy, not when a… piece of me was missing like this.


The studio was almost empty. Everyone except the receptionists, Helene, Louis and I had gone on a coffee run, and we were just sitting around waiting for them to bring back the caffeine we all so desperately craved at this early hour.

“I’m trying.” I mumbled and leaned back in the overstuffed chair.


“We’re back!” Niall announced happily as he backed through the door, balancing a tray with four steaming hot cups on it from the coffee shop three streets away that we had all become regulars at.

“Thanks.” I said as he handed me my cup and sat down in the chair next to me.

“Boys, drink your coffee and come find me when you’re ready to start warming up.” Helene said as she left with her cup and closed the door with a thump.


“Louis, Niall and Zayn started talking about some game shop they wanted to go to, and they huddled together on one of the couches. I loved the studio. It was filled with comfy soft chairs and couches, and it was big enough to house all of our mad pranks and ideas.

Liam sat down on the armrest of my chair and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Any word from her?” He asked, quiet enough for only me to hear. Liam had been insanely understanding about my situation, and unlike the others, who with their best intentions tried to help me forget her, he asked about her frequently, and asked how I was doing. He understood how there was no helping me forget her, because she had permanently marked me.

I shook my head and looked over at the window. It was still dark outside, in mid-December.

“She’ll come around.”

“What makes you so sure?” I asked dryly.

“Look, the others didn’t want to tell you this Harry, but when you were in the hospital, and Gemma called to ask me to go there, the first person I called was her. And she literally ran all the way there, in nothing but her uniform. She ran, in the snow, in a t-shirt, bringing nothing with her but what she had in her pockets. I’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen anybody care so much for you except your family.” He explained. I looked up in fury. Why had they not told me? Why would it be better to keep it from me?

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, my voice still even, though I was seething just beneath the surface. “How can I trust you when you keep things like that from me?”

“I’m sorry. They didn’t want you to get your hopes up. They made me promise.” He said. The sincere look in his eyes made me soften a bit, and the tiredness returned to replace the anger.

“It’s okay.” I said. “But don’t you dare ever do it again.” I added. He nodded and stood up.

“Ready yet boys?” he asked. The others nodded, and I downed the rest of my coffee.




Finally, after a long day in the studio, we’d recorded another song, and I was able to lock myself into the flat. Usually, missing Jasmin would make me pause at the door to prepare myself for another night in an empty flat, but today, exhaustion got the better of me, and I simply stumbled inside and laid down on the floor. And I fell asleep there, on the wooden surface, fully clothed in a big jacket and beanie, even my boots were still on.

I woke up sweating of course, still on the floor. I stretched out my sore back and sat up. I started walking to the bathroom to take a much-needed shower, and on the way I kicked off my boots, shrugged off my jacket, and dumped the rest of my clothes in a trail behind me.

I was in the midst of pulling on a pair of sweatpants when I heard the doorbell. Convinced that it was just the receptionist or the security guard, I opened up the front door.

I was caught off guard when I looked down and saw a shock of shoulder length brown curls and a pair of big brown eyes. A little girl in a red coat and blue scarf was looking up at me with tears flowing freely from her eyes.

She looked exactly like Jas did when she was about nine or ten.

“Is Jasmin Smith here?” She sniffed. 

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