My Brother's Best Friend

Jasmin Smith is no one special to the eyes of the public. A normal pretty barmaid at a pub, a talent for singing and a flat in London. But not too long ago, Jasmin received some horrible news. Her twin brother, her other half, James has passed on, and she is now alone.
Jasmin and James are originally from Holmes Chapel, and James's best friend was no other than Harry Styles. The two boys lost touch when Harry started getting whirled around in the famous life, but even after all the time that has passed, Harry is devastated at the news of James passing away. When he and Jasmin meet by chance, he makes it his mission to help her recover after the great loss she has suffered, and perhaps recover himself with her help. He feels it is his duty towards James to protect and shelter her, but never did he expect that those feelings should grow much stronger than that.


30. Chapter 27

Jasmin's POV




I pushed through the doors with such urgency that I almost knocked over Liam. I looked up at his face and saw that he had too dark spots under his eyes, and that he looked very, very tired.

"Where is he? Is he okay?" I panted, still out of breath from having sprinted here from the Dubliner. I hadn't even had time to get out of my uniform, and I was still dressed in my Dubliner T-shirt and apron, carrying only my phone, and the pad I'd been taking orders on. It was mid december, and I'd run through the streets in nothing but a pair of black tights, a short sleeved uniform shirt and a miniskirt, and the wind had blown snow into my hair and clothes, making my body temperature drop dramatically, my cheeks were bright red, my hair and clothes getting wet as the snow melted. I looked terrible, but I didn't care. 

"He's down the hall. Come on, I'll show you." Said Liam gently, and he lead the way down the hall and turned left into a room where a beeping machine stood in the corner, measuring his heartrate, and three people were crouched around a bed, and another sitting in a chair in the corner. Zayn turned around and offered me a vague smile, his movement revealing Harry, lying on the bed, asleep, with scratches on his face and arms, and a bandage wrapped around his bicep. He looked sickly pale under the fluorescent lights that hung from the ceiling. I looked around the room, more aware of my surroundings than before, and I saw Louis standing over the bed by Harry's knees, and Niall sleeping in the chair. And on the opposite side from Louis, at Harry's head, Janey half stood, half sat on the edge with a few cuts and scrapes here and there, but nothing major. 

Janey's presence annoyed me slightly, but I wrote it off as stress instead of jealousy, and went to stand next to Louis at Harry's head.

"Will he be okay?" I croaked. I hadn't even realized that my throat had caught with tears.

Louis put a reassuring arm around my shoulders and squeezed me gently to him. 

"He's going to be back on his feet within the week. Right now his body is just sleeping off the shock." He told me, and I felt every single muscle in my body release the tension I hadn't realized i was holding, as I sighed and sagged into Louis' side. He gave me another squeeze and let his arm drop. 

"Thank God. Has anyone called Anne?" 

"Not yet. Most of us just got here. Niall went straight to sleep when the doctor told us the results of the MRI." Zayn informed me. 

"Okay. I'll do it. Thanks for the call Liam." I said and pushed Harry's long hair further back, away from his neck. He really needed a haircut. 

I left them in the hospital room with my phone in hand to walk outside where I was allowed to make phonecalls, since they didn't allow it inside the hospital. Snow was falling and settling in a thin layer on the ground, and for the first time since I left the Dubliner, I felt cold. I hugged myself as the phone rang. Anne picked up on the third ring.

"Jasmin sweetheart! Long time no speak! I heard you and Harry got into a bit of a hazzle didn't you" Anne's bright voice sounded, a little bit scratchy. I could picture her walking around her kitchen with her phone pinned between her ear and shoulder, navigating through some new exiting recipe that she just had to try.

"Anne, about Harry..." I began. 

"Is he okay?" She asked seriously, catching on to the tone of my voice swiftly, like only a mother can do.

"Not exactly." And I told her what happened, all the while she remained silent, waiting with the questions until I'd told her everything I knew. 

"So he'll be okay?" She asked again. 

"Yeah." I said weakly. "You don't need to rush to London or anything." 

"You listen to me very carefully Jasmin Claire Smith. You make sure my boy is taken care of." She said, sternly, but lovingly. 

"I will Anne, I pro-" 

"And you two fix this mess between you! This is ridiculous. You kids are best friends! You love each other." Said Anne, before she hung up. 

You love each other


I knew what she meant with those words, but I couldn't help consider if it was really a universal truth for what Harry and I were going through right now. Was it really just because we loved each other? Enough to be willing to go to extremes to make the other person realize it? 

I stayed outside for a while, sitting on one of the benches put in the parking lot for smokers. I didn't even notice Niall until he was speaking to me. 

"Jasmin. Your lips are blue. Why don't you just come inside?" He asked in his adorable irish lilt. 

I looked up at his gentle blue eyes that were examining me with quiet concern, and I shook my head. 

"I'm not quite ready for that." I whispered. He nodded and sat down next to me after brushing off the worst of the snow from the bench. He took off his jacket and zipped down the hoodie he wore underneath. He gave it to me and put his jacket back on. 

"Thank you." I said and pulled it on. It was soft, big and warm, and it felt like wearing one of James' old shirts. The same feeling of protection and comfort.

"Is it because that Janey girl is there?" He asked. 

"I don't know." I answered honestly. I didn't know exactly why I'd stayed outside. "Maybe I just can't stand to see him being so fragile." I blurted out without thinking about it, and realized only after I'd said it just how true it was. I was afraid to see him as someone fragile, because I needed him for protection and safety. His strength was what had been holding me up for months now, and I missed him so badly. My refusal to go inside came from the desire to keep the image of the strong boy I'd seen last time. Even though what he'd been doing back then was terrible, he was still confident and determined, and I needed to keep that picture of him in my head. But it was too late. I'd seen him. And he was as fragile as me right now.

"I get it." Niall said. "But Jasmin, just so you know, that Janey girl? She means nothing to him. Every time we ask him about her he just gives vague responses. But back when you'd just moved in with him, even when he was still dating Charlotte, he wouldn't shut up about you. You're pretty much his everything." 

I smiled a sad smile at him and said quietly, "Are you sure that's still true?"

"I don't doubt it for a second." 

"Thank you. But I think it's time to let my past go completely. And I'm afraid that's gonna include Harry as well." I said before I stood up and went inside to say my goodbye to Harry before I left again, only being able to do so because I knew he would be alright, and that these boys would take care of him. 

Janey immediately stood when I entered and pulled me back into the hallway without a word, just as Niall passed by us again.

"Are you alright Janey? Did you get badly injured?" I asked her. She turned around to me with a sour face.

"Like you care." She sneered. I was shocked, never having seen this kind of behavior from her before. "I just want to be perfectly clear. I've been dreaming of having a date, just one date, with Harry, since the band formed. But after tonight, I realize, one isn't enough. So I will do anything to keep him. And I won't have you ruining this for me." She said viciously. 

"Janey he's not yours to manipulate." I answered her, gobsmacked over her behavior towards me. "But I can assure you, I won't be getting in your way." Then I turned around and went back inside. 

I walked back up to his head and stroked it slowly. 

"Bye Haz." I whispered. I heard a clearing of a throat behind me, and I looked over my shoulder to see Janey, looking pissed, with crossed arms. 

"Okay that's it. You-" Louis burst out and pointed a finger at Janey. "You've done nothing but complain and try to control ever since you got here. It's time for you to go." He said furiously. "Jasmin is his best friend, they've known each other since they were tiny, and she has every right to be here. If you can't accept that, then leave." 

"It's okay Louis." I said weakly, my gaze not wavering from Harry's face. "I'm leaving anyways." I said as I slid off Niall's hoodie and handed it to him. 

"Nah, you keep it for now. You don't have anything to go home in." He said sweetly. I smiled appreciatively at him and put it back on. It was light blue and soft, and it warmed me very effectively. 

"Thank you. Bye boys." 

I didn't look back as I strode down the hospital hallway, more than ready to curl up in the blankets of Charlie's couch, but I was stopped at the calling of my name. 

"Jasmin! Wait!" Louis shouted as he jogged down the hall after me. "You don't have to go. Don't you want to be here when he wakes up?" 

I shook my head. "This is goodbye Louis. I can't see him like this. And I don't want to remember him as a bitter boy. But it's time for me to let go." 

"You know he won't accept this right?" He asked me.

"I know." I nodded. "But there's nothing he can do. It's too late." 

"I don't believe you. When Liam called you, you came rushing here. You didn't even put on a coat or a shirt. You did that for a reason." 

"Maybe you're right. But I can't do this anymore. Goodbye Louis." 

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