My Brother's Best Friend

Jasmin Smith is no one special to the eyes of the public. A normal pretty barmaid at a pub, a talent for singing and a flat in London. But not too long ago, Jasmin received some horrible news. Her twin brother, her other half, James has passed on, and she is now alone.
Jasmin and James are originally from Holmes Chapel, and James's best friend was no other than Harry Styles. The two boys lost touch when Harry started getting whirled around in the famous life, but even after all the time that has passed, Harry is devastated at the news of James passing away. When he and Jasmin meet by chance, he makes it his mission to help her recover after the great loss she has suffered, and perhaps recover himself with her help. He feels it is his duty towards James to protect and shelter her, but never did he expect that those feelings should grow much stronger than that.


29. Chapter 26

I met Janey outside the Dubliner. Her red hair blew around in the wind, and something in my mind flashed, turning the bright red curls chestnut brown. But then I blinked, and the world was back to normal. Not wanting to get out into the cold, I waved at her through the window of my car, and she came over and dumped into the passenger seat. 

"Hi." She puffed out, cheeks red from the cold.
"Hi." I said, and started the car so I could turn on the heater. 
"So what's the plan?" She asked with a childish smile, and I began to wonder if she ever looked serious. 
"I was thinking laser tag? Followed up by dinner? Sound good?" I asked her as I turned up the temperature. 
"Yeah." She said simply, and I couldn't help but think of how Jas would have made some joke about how cliché I could get sometimes. 
I drove us there in silence, and she didn't do anything to fill the void. Finally we pulled up at the arcade I usually went to with the guys, and I got out and opened up the door for her. 

If it had been Jas she would've shot out of the car as soon as it was holding still I thought.

"You do this often?" Janey asked lamely as we made our way to the doors. 

"Been here a few times. With the boys. It's fun." I shrugged and opened the door. She squeezed in past me, and I followed more slowly.

With it being early December by now, most streets, shops, restaurants and any other places you could imagine in London were filled up with Christmas decorations, but the arcade seemed to be the only place in the city where there were no signs of the oncoming holiday. 

"So. Opposite teams or same team?" I asked Janey after I'd paid. She was standing there, looking out at the gambling machines with a slight distaste written on her face.

"No!" She giggled. "I don't want to be on the other team! You've done this before, you're probably good!" 

Her girly giggle annoyed me slightly, and I cringed inwardly, but managed to fake a smile and put us both on the same team. 

 We were run through the whole safety drill and put in our vests and given a gun each. 

"Wait!" Janey squealed and grabbed my arm. "I don't understand the rules." 
"You don't need to, just shoot the ones from the other team and avoid getting shot." I explained before leading the way into the landscape. 




Well lasertag was a bad idea.


Janey didn't stop squealing and cowering behind me, and she got me killed about a thousand times because she was so obvious. I couldn't even get in more than three kills throughout the entire game. And I could see how it was just an act. I was pretty pissed off when we exited the arcade and went to my car, but the cold air cooled me down a little, and I didn't snap. 

"Where should we go for dinner? she asked. It had been three hours since I picked her up because we had waited so long for the game to start, another thing she'd complained about. 
"I don't know. You decide." She said with a flirtatious smile that didn't affect me in the slightest. I knew she wanted to start one of those 'no you do it. no you do it' wars that are so disgustingly cute, but I didn't feel like it. I just nodded instead and drove us to a nearby burger house with the best cheeseburger in the world. 

Janey immediately crinkled her nose when we came inside because she saw the greasy chips on the plates we passed, but I ignored her. If she didn't want to pick a place, she'd just have to deal with it. 

"They have the best cheeseburger in the world. You should try it." I told her as we sat down in an old booth with red vinyl seats. There were holes in it here and there, and Janey sat down very slowly as if she was afraid the seat might bite her if she moved to fast. I rolled my eyes without her seeing it, and a waiter came with two menus.

 Janey kicked into some dull monologue about some drunk at the Dubliner that had tried to grab her or something, and I simply nodded and thought of just how much I wanted to call Jasmin right now. I was pathetic, I knew that, but all I wanted was to hear her voice and apologize and call this whole thing off.

Suddenly, my phone rang, and I looked down at the display. Zayn.

"I'm sorry, I have to answer this." I cut her off, and I left Janey sitting at the table looking very confused, and slightly offended.

"Zayn, speak to me." I sighed when I was out of her hearing range. 
"You're in deep shit. Someone caught some photos of you and some redhead at a burger joint. It's all over the Sun. I suggest you get out of there unless you want this relationship to go public." He warned me. 
"Shit. Thanks mate, I'll see you at work tomorrow." 
"Yeah no problem." he said and hung up. I'd moved around a corner in the restaurant, where Janey couldn't see me, and I realized that this was my one chance tonight to call Jasmin without being obvious about it.

Suddenly my hands were shaking, and I could barely click the speed dial where she was still placed on my phone. But I did, and the phone was ringing. 

No pick up. I groaned in frustration, took a few seconds to calm myself down and then returned to the table. 

"We've been spotted. I think we should get out of here before I get into more trouble." I said urgently when Janey looked up at me. 
"Okay." She said, seeming relieved to get out of this place. I heard the steady click of a camera as we walked back to my car, and I cringed. This would be a pain for me for weeks. Some of the fans were already pretty upset about "Carry" as it was, but now they would be on my case even more. And I had no one but myself to blame.

We rushed away, and I was driving in frustration and anger, what I should later learn was a very bad cocktail. Janey still seemed offended, but at this point I was way beyond caring. 

I took a sharp turn, and suddenly, there was a lot of light streaming into the drivers side from another car. I heard Janey scream, but it seemed so distant. In that moment I could only focus on the car that was about to crash into mine. 


Hey guys, sorry it has taken us so long lately, there has been no end to the amount of technical issues we've had. The other author's computer has deleted everything she wrote about a hundred times, so in the end, I took over because she was so frustrated :P So this is partly an apology, but also a message from me. I probably won't have much time to write from now on. I'll still be updating everything I have going on, and the rewriting of my first Movella will still continue, but I will be slow. So bare with me okay? I have a lot on my plate, and international schools have pretty high demands. And it's not easy being away from home like this, so just don't hate me, please. I promise I'll keep my chapters about the same length as they usually are and all that. 


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