Accidental Skype call can make a life change (Louis Tomlinson)

Lyane Kingston doesn't like fame or one direction. She sings on you tube but doesn't want anyone to see her face. She blocks everyone who say's to show her face. She has a friend who loves one direction and sings it every where she goes. One day she goes to England for a piano career. She went to Skype her famous brother but presses a wrong button and rings the Louis Tomlinson. Of course she doesn't know him so she starts to like him. When he said he was Louis Tomlinson and saw her videos she got embarrassed and sad and ignores him and when she bumps into him he changes her and suddenly she loves fame and wants to become famous so shows her face. And yes if your wondering she get's with LOUIS TOMLINSON (my fav boy)


2. Chapter 1

The first chapter guys



I put the camera down and a knock knocked on my door"come in" My brother Mike came in. He was famous. I hate famous people they can be so arrogant and if you do something personal around people it ends up every where. They even camp outside you house for goodness sake's!. Well my big brother is leaving this state to go to New York. We are in Australia and I love it here. But now I'm going to England for a piano career.


"I'm leaving today"My big bro Mike said. "I know your getting to old"I joked and laughed. He looked at me upset that we are going completely different places. But what must be done has to be done. "I wish you can go to New York with me" I laughed and said "I want to go to England so why don't you come"  I knew his answer and said it with him "I wish but it's worse there" He laughed and I said "All the famous people are there not in England" I knew he would disagree "no there's not and plus England people have good eye sight so they will spot me easily" I don't know what's wrong with this lad. Let me tell you something very strange. My mum and dad were born in Australia and so was my brother but I was born in Doncaster, England. Weird right. I have to be the different out off all of us. I don't even speak Aussie way I speak British. 


"Well I have go to pack" I said to my brother. He can distract me allot once he almost made me show my self to millions of you tubers and that wouldn't be good. But I'm glad they only saw my chin. "All right little sis when you been done I will be gone so goodbye" He said pulling me into a hug. Little pricks of tears fell down my eyes. We won't be seeing each other for years and all I have is now. "I will miss you Lyane" I looked at him "I will miss you to Mike" He waved and left. Now I have got to grow up and listen and be good. It's not like I haven't been doing that it's just a reminder if I want that career. I finished packing and went out. My flight leaves in 3 hours and it takes 2 hours to get to the airport. My mum and dad were standing at the door crying. Yes I know my dad crying how unusual but that means they care for me.


"Bye mum and dad I will see you again don't you worry" I said reassuring them hopefully that will come true. I am going to miss my best friend. She's taking me to the airport. "bye darling we will miss you dearly" Awe mum could hardly speak. "bye mum and dad" I gave them each a hug and left with my best friend. "remember to Skype call me as soon as you get there" I laughed she kept on reminding me that every five minute and she just says "I'm just making sure you don't forget" I looked at her and said "of course I will" We made it to the airport with no injuries. I looked at my best friend to see she was crying as well. "Bye Lyane I will miss you terribly" that just shows how much she care's for me.


"I will miss you as well don't forget about me" She looked at me and said "trust me I won't forget with the book we made" We made a memory book of all our memories. I said my goodbye and left. This is going to be like a 32 hour flight. Oh boy.


*skip flight*


When we landed I got out and saw my new friend I Skyped named Ferrah Jones. She was with Liam Payne. I don't like fame and she thinks I'm dumb and stupid because I am almost better than one direction well if you ask me I don't really care because my career is Piano and theirs is singing


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