Bigger Mix

Five delicious One Direction boys.
Four beautiful Little Mix girls.

Management wants Little Mix to be even with One Direction so they decide to add another talented girl to the group. They searched everywhere until Britain's X Factor popped back up.

Reneet James happens to be auditioning. She catches Little Mix's eye straight away...

A story of a girl and her dreams


3. Pressure

Liam's (1D) POV

I plopped the box in front of the boys as they stared at the TV intensely. It was actually pretty funny. I quietly slipped behind them and took a picture of them all facing the screen, not taking their eyes of it. I quickly tweeted it:

Watching like our lives depend on it. Hehe. How is everyone today? xx

All their phones beeped once I pressed the "tweet" button. The totally ignored it. I sat down on the one-seater and joined in as they scrambled through the box of Nandos I placed on the coffee table. They were watching the new Britain's X Factor.I heard they were filming it at the arena downtown. I grabbed the box of chips and dug in.

"Next, a young hopeful from the urban zone in London..."  a video of a girl showed up. She was beautiful, around 18. Brown hair,  black eyes and she fit too. My eyes widened at the sight of her. I looked around the room to find Harry and Niall interested too.

"Damn. She. is. fit." was all Harry could manage. Niall nodded in agreement. Typical, they just wanted her body. Not her heart or love. She started speaking:

"Hi, I'm Reneet James. I love singing, I sing whenever I can. I made it as a model but really wanted to sing so the X Factor came up so I was like "why not?" I'm british and I love skateboarding." The screen changed to her walking on the stage. We continued watching the screen as Lou and Zayn went to go do other things.

 - - - - -

Jade's (LM) POV.

We sat in a small room with 2 couches,a TV and a table of food at the back of the room. I recognized the room immediately. Some of the contestants were playing Hide 'n' Seek and I ran in here to hide. The embarassing thing is One Direction was in here and I didnt realize until they started laughing. Memories. Since then I have had a bit of a crush on Liam but nothing major.

The TV showed every detail of the stage as she walked. I looked at the girls. We nodded in interest. The girl stood on the 'X' and was shaking. Poor girl. We were all like that once upon a time.

 - - - - -

Neet's POV.

There I stood. In front of thousands of people. The sat Simon, Cheryl and Louis. Ok. Breath. 

"Hello!" Cheryl's voice sang. "H-hi" I stumbled. I was so scared and nervous. I wanted to cry.

"Sweetheart, there is no need to be scared. We are all here for you." her voice was so soothing. I nodded slowly.

"What's your name sweetie?". "Um... Reneet."

"Ok, what will you be singing to us today?". "Stay by Rihanna." They motioned for me to start singing.

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