Bigger Mix

Five delicious One Direction boys.
Four beautiful Little Mix girls.

Management wants Little Mix to be even with One Direction so they decide to add another talented girl to the group. They searched everywhere until Britain's X Factor popped back up.

Reneet James happens to be auditioning. She catches Little Mix's eye straight away...

A story of a girl and her dreams


2. Preparing

Leigh-Anne (Little Mix)'s POV

We all sat there basically doing nothing. If flicking through magazines and going through young talent websites count. "How about Francesca Xiaver? She seems pretty decent. Aged 18 and is a model/singer." We all shook our heads at the photo of her modelling. She was pretty but something made her look bratty.Perrie sighed and went back to the laptop. We were all depressed and bored. Lets hope that the new member will be bright and cheerful to make things fun. 

"Attention passengers, we would like to announce that we will be shortly landing in 10 minutes. May you please return to your seats and fasten your seat lets. Thank you."

- - - - -

Reneet's POV I was so nervous. I couldn't even breathe. Deep breaths Neet. In and out. In and out. My family sat there in silence as they tried to comfort me. What if they say no? Especially Simon. Oh shit. What if I embarrass myself and do something that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

I was up soon. I suddenly heard faint screams around us.

"Little Mix! Little Mix!" They got louder. Little Mix? What on Earth-

"Excuse me" a sweet British accent politely pushed past me followed by three other girls and walked into one of the backstage entrances, bodyguards ushering them in. Oh god. Perrie just touched my shoulder. I was so close to all four of them! The last one, Jade look behind her shoulder looked over her should and smiled at me. I smiled back. Wow! Could this day get any better? Only if the judges say yes then this day will be the one.

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