Bigger Mix

Five delicious One Direction boys.
Four beautiful Little Mix girls.

Management wants Little Mix to be even with One Direction so they decide to add another talented girl to the group. They searched everywhere until Britain's X Factor popped back up.

Reneet James happens to be auditioning. She catches Little Mix's eye straight away...

A story of a girl and her dreams


1. Management calls

Jade (Little Mix)'s POV

The girls and I were bored. We were stuck in America for who knows how long until management gives us a call for the "Big News". We were currently skyping the boys (1D). Well mainly Zayn cause Perrie started the call but whatever. I picked up my phone and scrolled though twitter. Everyone was tweeting about the big news. How do they even know? A big trend was starting: #LMBigNews. 

Soon the rest of the girls and I joined Perrie and Zayn's conversation, the rest of the boys did too. Jesy's phone rang.

"It's... M-managment." we all gasped, the boys just sat there through the computer screen, completely oblivious to what happened, but Harry seemed to get the memo. He quickly showed the boys the trend. They nodded their heads in realization. She quickly picked up.


"Sure" she put us on speaker, loud enough for the boys to hear. "Ok, ready"

"The big news is pretty important so we need all ears." We all nodded even though they couldnt see us.

"One Direction has five yes?" 

"Mmhm" we all answered.

"And you are four."

"Mhmm" we repeated.

"This is out of my hands, I didn't suggest this but most people want to... even it out."

"Say what?" I blurted out. Perrie covered my mouth with her hands.

"I mean, they want to add another member." Our eyes widened. What?!

"Why?" Leigh asked.

"Don't take this personally but they said you weren't famous enough. They want you to level up with 1D. So they are going to add another girl around your age with talent." My mouth flew open, a new member? What if we aren't ready for one?!

"Who is it?" I asked.

"We don't know yet, they suggested some sources but none stood out except for the upcoming Britain X Factor. They said that you guys can choose who." We looked at each others reactions, I was shocked yet excited.

"Get packed soon, in two days your being flown over to London." The boys cheered in the background.

"Thanks" we all said in unison. And immediately hung up. It was like a wave of bricks hitting your face. A new member? This was unexpected...


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