Respect Your Inner Princess

Today, I - a 16-year-old girl - was shunned for having a Disney Princess pencil case. But, as princess films are starting to become more and more influential, does this still remain a fair thing to do? It's time to respect your inner princess: you might just be surprised to see what she's like...


2. Outdated Stereotypes

Although the Disney Princess franchise has only been around since the 2000s, the films and characters associated with it have been around, in some form or other, since the 1930s. This is, of course, when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released, the first-ever Disney animated film. It, along with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, cemented in our collective consciousness just what a ‘Disney Princess’ was – a sweet, dreamy heroine with a pretty face, a lovely voice and little else. They sit around waiting to be rescued, relying on dreams and fairies and wishing upon stars and not doing a damn thing. As anyone who’s seen any post-1980s Princess film, this is a ludicrous and outdated stereotype – but one, unbelievably, that most people still old true.

My guess is that this is because the majority of people in this world will have grown up with the more stereotypical ‘princess’ types – which I can’t blame them for. But what about everyone else, who grew up on Belle and Mulan? Or the new generation, who will have had Tiana and Merida?  They certainly do not fit these stereotypes, yet all people tend to see is the pretty face and the singing voice. Business gurus will say this makes them easier to market, feminists will say this makes it easier for men to accept them. But say what you will, I think it’s about time people started to look beyond the aesthetics to find some rather interesting actualities.

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