Respect Your Inner Princess

Today, I - a 16-year-old girl - was shunned for having a Disney Princess pencil case. But, as princess films are starting to become more and more influential, does this still remain a fair thing to do? It's time to respect your inner princess: you might just be surprised to see what she's like...


5. Food For Thought

In closing, I hope I have given you some food for thought. Yes, princess films have gained something of a bad rep. Yes, they have their flaws. Yes, the merchandise is sickeningly girly and pink, and turned Belle from this:

into this.

I can’t help that. What I can do is help you to see the films not as pieces of fluff to babysit your five-year-old daughter for two hours, but as art pieces that can be respected and appreciated by anyone, irrespective of age.

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