Respect Your Inner Princess

Today, I - a 16-year-old girl - was shunned for having a Disney Princess pencil case. But, as princess films are starting to become more and more influential, does this still remain a fair thing to do? It's time to respect your inner princess: you might just be surprised to see what she's like...


1. Respect Your Inner Princess

Picture the scene. There I am, minding my own business in my AS Level History class. Having the time of my life, as I’m sure you can imagine. Suddenly, the teacher starts laughing for no apparent reason. The class look from one person to the next in puzzlement. The teacher says something along the lines of “I’ve just noticed your pencil case” (at least I think that’s what he said – he has the quietest voice known to man). He means my pencil case, my Disney Princess pencil case, bought with love as a Christmas present from my parents.


“Is there a problem?” I enquire, half in self-defence and half in genuine wonder.  Many of my female classmates spring to my defence, describing it as ‘cute’ or ‘really nice’. Mr History then says – again, from what I can gather – “It just doesn’t really fit with my image of a sixth-form student.”


My question to you is this – why not? Why shouldn’t Disney Princesses and sixth form students fit together? Why should this wonderful franchise be only attributed to little girls, who wouldn’t understand the significance of the stories as much as an older girl might?


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