My Vampire Boyfriend!

Angela Dela Pena is a well known highschool student because her parents are famous surgical doctors. She is 17 years old and she has a little brother who is in middle school. All her friends are very popular, but three of them like to keep life simple. Lately, the school has been having a lot of transfer students, and they all seem strange and different. What if Angela figures out that her three best friends, the transfer students, and her own little brother are bloodsucking creatures of the night? Also, what if her friends are BVB fans?


5. Meeting Simmy And Harry!

Simmy's POV

I walked hand in hand with Harry. We were BEST friends, and we never let the other down! I blushed as he glanced at me and smiled, letting me see his dimples. The thing is, I've got this HUGE crush on Harry!  Ever since I knew that he was a vampire, I didn't care about that. I won't let that little thing get in my way of being friends with Harry. Even if he was a vamp, I loved him with my whole heart. We were walking to our new school and before we stepped into class, I heard a grumbling sound. I stared at Harry and he blushed. "Um...I'm kinda hungry." I giggled as I rolled my eyes and gave him a peice of white chocolate. He took the peice of chocolate and gobbled it down like that was the last peice of food in the world. We walked into our Homeroom class. The only two people I kept staring at was a boy with dirty blonde hair and a girl with long black hair. They were smiling and talking to each other. "Aw!" I whispered quietly. I really want to get to know them!

Harry's POV

Holding Simmy's hand was like holding a beautiful angel. Her long, dark brown hair always made me smile. Her light brown eyes always catches me off guard. It was always cute when she acts all shy around people other than me. And her love for roller coasters surprises me. I really love all the hugs that she gives me because when she hugs me, it feels like we were meant for each other. Alright! Today after school, I'm going to finally ask Simmy to be my girlfriend!

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