My Vampire Boyfriend!

Angela Dela Pena is a well known highschool student because her parents are famous surgical doctors. She is 17 years old and she has a little brother who is in middle school. All her friends are very popular, but three of them like to keep life simple. Lately, the school has been having a lot of transfer students, and they all seem strange and different. What if Angela figures out that her three best friends, the transfer students, and her own little brother are bloodsucking creatures of the night? Also, what if her friends are BVB fans?


8. Learning New Vamps! (Part One)

Angela's POV

I was walking side by side with Niall, Liam, Janae, Simmy, and Harry when school was FINALLY over! I was in the middle of Simmy and Niall! But for some reason, we all walked to the forest where I learned that Niall was a vampire. "Um...guys? Why are we here?" Harry, Liam, and Janae looked at me. And Simmy just placed a hand on my shoulder. "Angela? Don't you know that Harry is a vampire?" I looked at her with a weird face. "Really?" Simmy smiled and I sighed. "Yups!" I laughed at her. "What about Janae and Liam?" Then Simmy just jumped. "Oh yeah! I just learned that they are vampires, too! Haha! Hey! Niall! Are you a vamp?" Niall nodded with a smile. "Yeah!" I stared at all of them. "THEN HOW MANY VAMPIRE FRIENDS DO I HAVE?!" "Um...there's Liam, Niall, Harry, and Janae!" Then Harry cheekily jumped in. "Oh! Angie! You'll soon meet Louis! Another vampire friend!" I turned my head...slowly at Harry. "What did you just say?!" Harry smiled.  "Louis!" I snapped. All this time, Louis was a vamp?! HOW COULD HE?! And I thought we were friends! "I am SO killing that carrot boy." Harry jumped. "What?" I literally scared some bears that were behind us away. "I AM SO KILLING THAT CARROT BOY!!!" Harry yelled back. "YOU DON'T HAVE TO-wait! You know Louis?!" I nodded my head angrily. "How?" I glared at him and he jumped back. I crossed my arms and mumbled. "I'm friends with him and his little sister." He jumped in front of me. "You mean Mica?" I calmed down a bit. "Yes!" He nodded his head in a weird way. "Oh!" I snapped. "I CAN'T BELIEVE HE DIDN'T TELL ME ABOUT BEING A VAMP!!! I WAS HIS BEST FRIEND!!!" I felt someone's hand on my shoulder and I jumped. "Harry! Don't do that!" He used puppy dog eyes with a pout, making me feel weak. Then he suddenly jumped up cheerfully and smiled. "Hey! You want us to come with you to Louis and Mica's house?" I nodded. "Okay." Harry pouted again. "Hey! I don't want you to hurt my Boo Bear!" I rolled my eyes, playfully punching him while laughing. I guess I had a vampire friend without knowing it!


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