My Vampire Boyfriend!

Angela Dela Pena is a well known highschool student because her parents are famous surgical doctors. She is 17 years old and she has a little brother who is in middle school. All her friends are very popular, but three of them like to keep life simple. Lately, the school has been having a lot of transfer students, and they all seem strange and different. What if Angela figures out that her three best friends, the transfer students, and her own little brother are bloodsucking creatures of the night? Also, what if her friends are BVB fans?


10. Do I Have Feelings?

Angela's POV

*yawn* Gee! I'm still a bit tired from yesterday. Too bad it had to end so soon! I walked tiredly to school and felt a pair of hands on my eyes. Then I heard a familiar laugh. It was Niall. I blushed and laughed. "I know it's you Niall!" He let go of my eyes and ran beside me. "Good morning Angela!" I blushed and looked down smiling. "Good morning to you too, Niall!" My heart skipped a beat as my eyes widened in surprise. Why do I feel like this? It's only my friend Niall? On the way to school, I saw Mica staring at a piece of paper and started to laugh. She was walking to Louis and I wanted run up to them and scream these feelings away. But before I ran, I felt my wrist get wrapped in Niall's hand. "Where are you going, Angie?" I stared at Niall's sad eyes and blushed even redder. Well, I can't help it. I didn't want Niall to be sad. I gasped quietly as I realized why I was acting like this: I think I'm starting to have feelings for Niall. No way. I can't. I just CAN'T start to like Niall! I felt Niall glance at me. "Angie? You okay?" I was about to cry on his shoulder, but we were in school already. I'm doomed.

Niall's POV

What's wrong with Angela? Was it because I didn't want her to go? Was it because I held her back from going anywhere? I glanced at her as she stared at the ground sadly. "Um...Angela? Are you okay?" She looked up. Her eyes were getting watery. "Are you...mad at me? Was it because I held you back from going somewhere?" I frowned as she shook her head and tried to smile. "Nope! I'm fine Niall!" I saw Mica and thought that Angela wanted to go and tell her something. "You could...go to Mica for a while. "She looked up at me and hugged me. I blushed and trembled at all the glares that the other boys gave me. "Thanks Niall! For trying to cheer me up!" I blushed as she let go of me and kissed my cheek. She skipped to Mica happily as I touched my cheek. I jumped up and yelled quietly at myself. "Awesome!" I didn't care about all the other boys that glared at me. I was the luckiest boy in the world! 

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