My Vampire Boyfriend!

Angela Dela Pena is a well known highschool student because her parents are famous surgical doctors. She is 17 years old and she has a little brother who is in middle school. All her friends are very popular, but three of them like to keep life simple. Lately, the school has been having a lot of transfer students, and they all seem strange and different. What if Angela figures out that her three best friends, the transfer students, and her own little brother are bloodsucking creatures of the night? Also, what if her friends are BVB fans?


2. A New Student!

Niall's POV

Okay! I am walking slowly to my Homeroom with a teacher which happens to be a boy. It made me embarrassed and I think I heard the other students saying that I looked like a "little lost puppy". The teacher arrived in the Homeroom class that I'm going to be having and it was REALLY loud. The boys were trying to scare the girls by placing toads on their desks and the girls were gossiping on whatever girls gossip about these days. As I scanned the room, I saw a lonely girl in the corner of the room staring out the window. I stared at her with curiosity. She wore simple clothing and no make up. She was different from all the other girls that I met. Even the vampire girls don't make me feel bubbly. There was one thing about me. I was a vampire. I was a vampire that didn't mind the light. I continued to stare at that girl and she noticed me staring. I turned really red from embarrassment but she just smiled at me and went back to staring out the window. "Okay class! We have a new student!" Everybody kept talking. "CLASS!!!" yelled the teacher. Everyone jumped with fear and stared at the teacher immediately. "Thank you! Meet Niall Horan! He is going to be joining this class for the rest of the school year! Niall! You are going to be seatmates with Angela! Angela! Raise your hand!" The girl was startled and rose her hand for me to see. "That's your seatmate for this class, Niall. You have her in all of your classes, so she will be showing you around the school." I smiled as he continued to introduce me to the class. "Let's show him what a GOOD Homeroom class we are!" They all replied with "Yes Mr.Ancheta!" as I walked over to my new desk. At least I won't be lost on the first day of school.

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