Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I walked into the house and told Mandy to get ready to go out I went back into my room and started looking for an outfit I decided to do my hair so I went into the bathroom and curled my hair I put a line of liquid liner on top of my eyelid and winged it out then I put on some false eyelashes and mascara then I put on some blush and red lipstick I went back into the room and chose a black sequin tight tube dress black wedges with studs on the back and my gold dream necklace and I moved my phone fake ID and wallet to my heart shaped shoulder purse it had jewels all over it i got dressed and doubled checked myself in the mirror I thought I looked decent enough to go out I walked out of my room the same time Mandy walked out of her room she looked really pretty in a tight plain black dress and sliver pumps with a black clutch with her hair styled perfectly I was so jealous but she looked at me up and down and said  "You look hot girl!" I blushed and replied "You look really good too!" She smiled and we heard a knock on the door "That must be them!" She said walking toward the door I followed and when we opened the door all the boys started checking me and Mandy except Niall and Liam they were just looking at me all the boys looked hot They were all wearing some type of dress shirt pants and shoes me and Mandy walked out of the house I went by Harry since it seemed Liam and Niall were avoiding me and I know that Harry knows were just friends we all piled into the van I was sitting in Harry's lap everyone was just listening to whatever was on the radio it wasn't an awkward silence just nice silence we got to the club and everyone jumped out of the van and onto the sidewalk the line to the club was so long but the boys just walked to the front flashed there IDs and smiles and got let right in since we were with them we got to go in without being Id I was happy cause I didn't know how well my American fake ID would hold up in London ha. We got into the club it was dark and lights were flashing I followed the boys up to the bar and then they all got a drink and went their separate ways even Liam so I was just at the bar with Harry he bought me a drink I drunk it really fast I asked him for some shots and we did a couple shots now I was starting to feel looser I saw Niall hitting on some girl I rolled my eyes and then I saw Louis and Mandy talking across the bar I smiled I saw Zayn just looking at me from across the bar I waved and I could tell he was chuckling I blushed and looked down at my feet I asked Harry for another shot he got me one and I drank it fast it stung going down but felt good I was looking around for Liam when I saw him sitting at a table by himself I excused myself from Harry hugging and giving him a kiss on the cheek wow I was a little looser than I thought Harry just smiled and started talking to the girl next to him I started walking toward Liam when I got to him I confronted him "Why are you ignoring me!!" I yelled kinda slurring my words he looked shocked "I-I'm sorry?!" He stuttered back  "Okay? But why?!" I said back "Well don't you like Harry?!" He said back over the music  "NO!" I yelled "I like him as a friend!" Liam looked happy he smiled and said  "Let's dance, babe" grabbing my hand and pulling me to the dance floor I was pretty drunk cause I haven't ate anything I started grinding on Liam and dancing he was just dancing with me when he shouted over the music "I'm gonna go get us some drinks!!" I nodded and kept dancing I loved this song and I didn't want to stop moving then some guy came up and started dancing with me  "GET OFF!" I yelled trying to push him off me  "C'mon baby dance with me your a pretty little thing" he said pulling me closer to him then I heard a familiar voice  "I think she asked you to get off if her..!" It was Liam thank god he put our drinks down and was staring the guy straight in the eye the guy just laughed  "What's a little punk like you gonna do about it?" And before I knew what was happening Liam had punched the guy right in the nose the guy grabbed his now bleeding nose and starting say  "Oh man I think it's broken you little shit." Liam took my hand and led me off the dance floor I saw some big guys who looked like security guards throw the guy out of the club Liam apologized and handed me my drink I sucked it down I looked at him  "Thank you so much Liam your sooooo great!" I said before giggling I moved toward him and strateled him and we started making out my hands were I'm his hair his hands around my waist and tongues in eachothers mouth when he pulled away  "I think your really drunk!" He said I just giggled "Mayybee.." I said standing up and almost falling over  "Woah!" Said Liam helping me stand straight "I think we should go home" he said but I pulled away  "No!" I yelled and walked away from him and to the bar up to Zayn "Liam's trying to get me to go home Zaynn!" I said making a sad face, crossing my arms and stomping my foot he just chuckled I uncrossed my arms and giggled  "God that is the cutest thing I've ever heard." He said pulling me into his lap he sounded kinda drunk "What?" I replied  "Your giggle." he said I was sitting in his lap now and he was looking into my eyes I giggled again and he lean forward and started kissing me I was kissing him back when I remembered Liam I pulled away from zayn I was looking around the club for Liam when I saw him walking out of the club I hopped of a very confused Zayn's lap and running toward Liam I caught up with him on the sidewalk  "Liam!" I yelled he turned around he had a really hurt look on his face  "I thought you liked me Ivy?" He kinda said kinda asked  "Oh I do I really really like you Liam I'm so sorry with what happened with Zayn I'm drunk he's drunk you don't think when your drunk!" I said while walking toward him I grabbed his hand "I'm sorry Liam I wasn't thinking I don't like zayn anymore than a friend I really like you and only you, please let's go back into the club so I can get my purse and explain to zayn how I feel." Liam nodded hugged me I stared kissing him I pulled away and dragged him back into the club I walked up to the bar and got my purse which was next to Harry I looked across the bar and saw Mandy and Louis kissing I laughed and tapped on Harry's shoulder who was talking to a diffrent girl I showed him Louis and Mandy and then yelled to him over the music  "Me and Liam are going back to the hotel see you later!" He nodded and gave me a thumbs up then I walked over to zayn "I'm sorry!" I said over the music "I just wanna be friends!" Zayn nodded and ordered a shot and drank it fast I asked if I could get one he ordered two and we both took em' at the same time I smiled at him and he smiled back then I walked back to Liam gave him a thumbs up and we walked out of the club hand in hand. *Ivy's Outfit*
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