Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8 

Oh crap Niall I kinda forgot about him...  "Oh Niall.." I said he turned and walked away I turned to Liam he just shrugged his shoulders I was so confused I had no clue what to do so I gave Liam a pleading look he just nodded I turned and ran toward Niall I caught up to Niall and grabbed his shoulder and turned around he looked so hurt I felt so bad.. "Niall I think it's better if we just friends.." I said to him  "I figured." He said looking down at his feet "I really like you Ivy.." He said looking back up at me  "I'm sorry Niall, I don't feel the same.. But I still wanna be your friend!" I gave him a 'can we PLEASE be friends' look he half smiled  "Sure Ivy we can still be friends." I gave him a hug  "Thanks Niall." I said we were now walking back to the hotel rooms when I saw Liam standing by his hotel room door Niall went back into the hotel room giving Liam a nod like a 'your a lucky guy' nod Liam nodded back and walked up to me after Niall was in the room  "I told him I just wanted to be friends." I said looking up at Liam Liam just nodded  "Okay." He said smiling "So do you want to hang out again tomorrow?" At first I wanted to say of course but then I remembered I was going out with Harry tomorrow  "Well.. Umm.. I'm going out with Harry tomorrow.." I said looking everywhere but Liam. Liam sounded cool about it  "Okay I'll text you what's your number?" I gave him my number and he texted it my phone dinged and he smiled I told him to come closer and I gave a kiss and told him goodnite we both went into out hotel rooms at the same time smiling I told Mandy everything that happened she said she was happy I told Niall I just wanted to be friends instead of leading him on it was really late so we both when off to bed I went into the bathroom and took of my makeup and got into my pajamas I went back into my room got in bed a fell right asleep the next morning I got out of bed it was 10:00 so I started getting ready I just looked though my clothes and found a really cut outfit it was a long sleeve mickymouse shirt a pair of black skinny jeans and white vans I went to the bathroom did my makeup and picked up my mustache bracelet I decided to leave my hair natural today the pink was still pretty vibrant even though its been pink for a while anyway I left the bathroom and sat on the bed and thought about the past couple of days it all seems unreal The hotel one direction me and Liam kissing.. Boy was he a good kisser I heard my phone ding (1) new text Harry *Hey I'm outside meet me at the car*  Okay.. Weird I though but anyway I walked down the hallway to the elevator I hit the 1 button when I got to the lobby there was only a couple paparazzi people so I just walked though it really fast I saw the black car I ran though the lobby and jumped the passengers seat I looked at Harry he smiled and sped off I looked at him he was really cute with his little dimple and curly hair his green eyes and button-up shirt but even though I thought he was cute I don't think I have feelings for him I know I have feelings for Liam but Harry? I know he was suppose to be a player but he seemed nice and I don't really believe those magazines anyway I turned toward Harry "So where too?" I asked he replied "I'm gonna take you to this really cute café I like." He laughed "a cute café for a cute girl." I blushed and looked down at my lap I laughed awkwardly  "No need to be polite." I said he looked at me when we stopped at the light  "How can you not see it all these boys fighting for you attention telling you your pretty." He said  "I just don't think I'm pretty leave me alone okay?!" I yelled at him he was taken aback by my outburst "sorry.." I mumbled  "I just don't get it." He said looking back at the road and driving we arrived at the café and he parked the car we got out and he took my hand lucky we were in a hidden part of the city so there were no paparazzi we got into the café and Harry was right it was a really cute place all warm and homey we chose a table by the window to sit at a nice lady came out to take our order I got a hot chocolate and Harry got a cappuccino we sat and talked about everything he was really easy to get along with but I just kept thinking about Liam after we talked for awhile and finished our drinks we got a cookie to split he broke it in half I ate one bite of mine but I didn't really want to eat it while Harry got up to go to the bathroom before we left I threw mine away and then our waitress came up to me  "Are you here with Harry Styles?!!" She asked me really loud "Uhh yeah I am.." I told her back  "I don't know why he would go on a date with you your so ugly." She said rolling her eyes and walking away Harry ran up and gave me a hug  "Oh Ivy I heard what she said she's lying, your beautiful your so pretty please don't believe her!" He said looking at me but I just started crying he just hugged me tighter I hugged home back  "I just wanna go back to the hotel." I choked out he nodded and took my hand led me to the car and opened the door for me he closed it and got in and started driving when we arrived at the hotel I had stopped crying Harry parked the car and helped me out we went though the black door and into the elevator we rode up to floor 11 silently just holding hands when we got to the rooms Harry went in to kiss me but I pulled away he looked at me confused so I told him "I like you Harry and I had a really nice time today but I don't like you like that.." He just nodded  "Okay I understand Ivy I hope we can be friends..?"  "Of course Harry!" I replied  "Okay good." He let out a sigh of relief  "It's just I really like Liam.. That's not weird right?" I said  "I understand Ivy, and no it's not weird I think he really likes you too." He replied giving me a friendly smile  "Really?!!" I said probably a little too loud  "Really." He said back  "Okay thanks Harry ill see you later!" I replied  "Wait Ivy!" Harry said real fast "do you and Mandy want to go to the club with me and the boys tonight?"  "Yess!!" I replied smiling  "Okay we'll get you at 11:00 then"  "Alright see you tonight Harry." I said walking into the hotel room tonight is gonna be fun   *Ivy's Outfit*
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