Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

We arrived at Nandos Niall put on a SnapBack and some sunglasses probably to not be recognized he came around to my side and opened my door and grabbed my hand and helped me out of the car this is going to be a fun date! We ate at Nandos well i wasn't really eating a had like 1 piece of chicken but we were talking a laughing and then he asked  "So why do you have those scars on your thighs?" I looked down at my legs and then looked back up at him "I struggled with self harm.." I replied making sure I didn't say I struggle with it now. Even though I do but he wouldn't want to be with me if I cut nobody would.  "Oh.." He said back to me and then smiled the waitress came back and Niall paid we walked out hand and hand only to be ambushed by paparazzi Niall pulled me to the car and we both jumped and and took off toward the movies Niall took the back ways so the paparazzi didn't follow once we got to the movies we decided to see the hobbit we watched the movie while holding hands I was kinda cuddling into him. when the movie ended we walked out and drove back to the hotel we went through the back door again and he invited me over to his room I accepted and I told him I was gonna go get Mandy to hang out to I walked into my hotel room "Hey Mandy you wanna hangout in the boys hotel room?"  "Of course!!" She replied walking out of her room in a plain tee and black jeans we walked out and knocked on the boys hotel room door Liam answered and smiled at us  "Come in come in!" He said ushering us into the room Mandy sat on the floor next to Louis and I sat on the couch inbetween Liam and Niall. Niall was on his phone and so I turned toward Liam and we stared talking we talked about his fear of spoons which I tried not to laugh at cause I didn't know he was actually really afraid of them we talked about the boys tour we made jokes and laughed finally it got late and me and Mandy went home I gave Liam a hug and Niall a hug and went home I think I might like Liam too! Ugh this is so confusing. Me and Mandy got back to the hotel room and she asked me "Do you like Niall or Liam?" I looked at her and them shrugged my shoulders "I kinda like both.." I replied she came up to me and smiled  "Okay maybe you should go on a date with Liam?" She asked  "Okay." I said then I remembered  "Oh my gosh Mandy I left my phone over there!" I said running out the door I got to the boys door and knocked Liam answered with my phone in his hand  "Oh my gosh thank you so much!" I said grabbing my phone out of his hand  "No problem." He replied then he continued "Umm. Ivy I was wondering if you wanted to hangout just you and me tomorrow?"  "Like a date?" I replied  "Uhhhhh yeah like a date" he said kinda blushing  "Of couse I'd love too!" I replied then i told him I see him tomorrow at 5:30 he was going to take me to dinner I walked back to my hotel room told Mandy good night and I walked into my room and got into my pajamas and fell asleep the next day I woke up and went to Mandy I asked her if she wanted to go shopping she said  "Of course! Lemme go get ready." Walking into her room and getting dressed I went back into my room and picked out a cute outfit I pulled out mint colored skinny jeans a sweater top that said Paris on it and my white flats with a tan colored shoulder purse  *Ivy's Outfit* I grabbed my phone and walked out then my phone went off (1) new text 292555555 *Hey it's Harry*  Oh! I thought. I saved his number and replied  *Hi Harry it's Ivy how did you get my number?*  (1) new text Harry *Mandy gave it to me*  Of course haha  *So what did you wanna talk about?* (1) new text Harry  *Well I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date tomorrow?*  A date with Harry too?! I didn't even know if I liked him I guess I'll go on a date and find out *Sure Harry pick me up at  12:00*  (1) new text Harry *okay see you then :)*  Me and Mandy left to go shopping I told her about my date with Liam tonight and my date with Harry tomorrow she said it was fine cause I wasn't really anyones girlfriend and it's okay to go on dates and have fun in London! After shopping we got back it was 4:00 so I got in the shower then I blowed dried my hair and curled it then I chose a sleeveless collared dress with lace on it and a black peacoat cause it got kinda cold night and then I chose black heels with lace on the side to and a sparkly clutch I went back into the bathroom did my make up a little more this time and then I put on a necklace with a back heart and bow it was Betsy Johnson then I heard a knock I ran to the door and opened it to a VERY Handsome Liam he was wearing a dress shirt tie and very nice pants and dress shirt we walked out of the hotel using the same backway me and Niall used the day before he took my hand and lead me to the same car me and Niall took too he opened my door and got in the drivers seat  "You look so beautiful Ivy." He said maybe he was trying to be nice cause we were on a date I had no clue why though  "Uhh... Okay sure thanks..." I kinda mumbled back he just sighed and turned on the radio kiss you came on I stared laughing he looked at me and started singing his parts and I sung the rest finally the song ended we were out of breath and laughing  "That was good!" He said laughing  "Well thank you." I said back "maybe you and I should start a band?" Still laughing he nodded and finally we arrived at the restaurant and he showed me in he asked if he could take my jacket I was nervous because I had band aids on my wrists and I didn't want him to see but it was a nice restaurant so I accepted he took my jacket and put it on the back of my chair and then he pulled my chair out for me and when I sat in it he pushed in the chair I hid my arms under the table.. During dinner I hardly ate just some cause I was pretty hungry but I was mostly just pushing my food around and talking with Liam I liked him more than I liked Niall but I didn't want to hurt Nialls feelings... Me and Niall would be better off as friends I could tell but me and Liam we had something I felt it when he touched me. After dinner he was putting my jacket on and he saw my wrists he touched it but I flinched away  "What is that Ivy?" He asked concerned  "I used to struggle with self harm.." I replied telling him the same thing I told Niall  "Oh." Is all he said before putting on my jacket and leading my out of the restaurant we got into the car and drove of toward the hotel once we got though the back door and into the elevator I leaned closer to him in the elevator and started kissing him he started kissing me back I put my hands in his hair and he put his hands around my waist we really making out when the elevator dinged we kept kissing until we heard someone clearing their throat we turned to see a very hurt blonde boy..  *Ivys Outfit*
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