Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

-Ivy's POV- After bowling we all went back to the hotel I was on Nialls lap this time he was so cute he started playing with my hair when he said  "I like you hair the pink is so cute." I must've blushed so red because he laughed and I replied "Thanks I did it like a week ago." He nodded his head and then the car stopped we all got out and went back into the hotel which was filled with paparazzi Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me though the people that were all shouting different things like "Who are those girls??" "Are you dating her?"  "What's your name miss?" "What's your relationship to one direction?" We just pushed passed them and into the elevator and hit button 11  "Woah!" Mandy said "is it like that all the time?" She asked  "Yeah." Liam replied "It's so annoying but that's what comes with being famous." Wow Liam was a really cool guy a got to talk to him a little during bowling and I really liked his personality "Well that sucks." I said realizing I was still holding Nialls hand but I didn't mind I like holding his hand so I just moved a little bit closer to him in the elevator and put my head on his shoulder he looked surprised at first but then he realized it was just me and relaxed finally the elevator dinged and I had to get off Niall I did and we all waked out I let go of Nialls hand to wave good but to everyone and walked into out hotel room I ran to Mandy grabbed her hands and we both started jumping up and down she broke the silence "I can't believe we were just hanging out with them!"  "Me neither!" I replied "I really like Niall..." She looked at me questionable then just smiled  "Good for you!.. Except he doesn't know your only 15 he probably thinks your 18 like everyone else.." Oh crap I totally forgot about that  "Well I'll tell him tomorrow! We're going on a date!!!" I said walking into my room  "NO WAY!" She yelled back  "WAY" I yelled back I got into my comfy clothes and went into the living room and turned on the tv some tinker bell movie was on Mandy came out if her room in her comfy clothes too she sat down next to me and we watched tinker bell movies for the rest of the day finally it was late so we both went off to bed and shower I got out of the shower put on my pajamas and went to sleep the next day I woke up at 10 MY DATE WITH NIALL!! I got up and looked in my suit case I really wanted to look cute for him but I had to wear long sleeves cause I just cut yesterday I found a really cute outfit the hid my scars on my arms and stomach just not my legs.. It was a black and white pokadot button up shirt and black high waisted shorts and white flats I went into the bathroom and flat ironed my hair and put it just plain pearl earrings then I did my makeup looking in the mirror I felt I looked fine then I looked at the clock it was 11:30 already I was walking into the living room when I felt really hungry all I ate yesterday was some fruit and water.. I sat down in the couch and watched some tv E! News was on then I saw the headline 'One Direction With Mystery Girls' The lady started talking  "One direction seen in the lobby if their hotel with 2 mystery girls, Niall Horan was photographed holding hands with one of them" then a picture of me and Niall holding hands getting though the crowd popped up thank god I was wearing jeans and a sweater. I turned off the tv and looked down at my legs you could kinda see long scars going across my upper thigh then I heard a knock and I got off the couch and went to the door I fixed my hair and shorts trying to pull them down a little I opened the door and Niall was standing there in a striped tanktop and khaki shorts he looked at me up and down and then stopped at my thighs I tried pulling my shorts down even more he realized what he was doing and looked up at me "Ready to go?" He asked I smiled and he smiled back  "Yepp." I replied he took my hand and we walked out of the hotel but this time we took a back way so we wouldn't be ambushed my paparazzi I asked him "So where are we going to lunch?"  "Nandos." He replied so it was true Niall and his Nandos obsession I smiled he got into a black car and I got into the passengers seat he was driving  "Alright let's go!" He said *Ivy's Outfit*
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