Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


4. Chapter 4


Chapter 4 After dinner with Mandy's grandma I was about to call a cab when Mandy's grandma stopped me "Oh no love don't call a cab you can take my car it still runs and I don't need it I've got my driver eddy" me and Mandy happily agreed we hated taxis they get old when you have to ride in one everyday so Mandy's grandma showed us to her garage (which was huge) and showed us her car is was a little blue Volkswagen beetle we loved it we thanked her grandma and jumped in Mandy got in the drivers seat since I only had my learners permit to drive. We drove off her drive way and I turned on the radio just in time to hear the dj say "And now One directions new single...Kiss You!" Me and Mandy squealed and I turned up the radio we sang along and dance then when the song ended I turned down the radio and said  "I can't believe I met Niall!! And we're going to hang out with them tomorrow!"  "I know!!" Mandy yelled back I turned the radio back up and we just listened to music all the way back to the hotel once we got to The hotel there was nobody in the lobby anymore and a diffrent person was at the counter so me and Mandy just ran into the elevator and into our room  "Goodnite!" I yelled to her as I took off my clothes and jumped int the shower "Goodnite!" She yelled back after showering I got into my pajamas and got in bed 'what a long day' I thought to myself I pulled out my phone, phone charger and headphones I plugged my charger into the wall the phone into the charger and the headphones into the phone I went to music and played my one direction and Ed sheeran playlist and feel asleep I woke up and looked around I remembered that the boys were gonna come over today I was so excited!!  I got up and went to my suitcase to decide what to wear I ended up pulling out a pair of white jeans and my sweater pullover with an anchor on it I got changed and then I went into the bathroom and curled my hair my hair was naturally wavy but I liked it curled it looked pretty with the pink on the ends I grabbed my gold anchor earring and put them and and did my make up I put on a little eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss I looked at myself in the mirror I looked decent I never thought of myself as pretty Mandy always tells me I am but there's a difference between pretty and skinny. I pulled up my sweater sleeves and looked at my wrists some scars were old but some were new... I got on the scale in the bathroom it said 112 I couldn't believe it 2 pounds I gained 2 pounds! It was probably that dinner at Mandy's grandmas house I didn't want to be rude and not eat I felt horrible about myself I decided i wont eat for the rest of today then I went to my suit case grabbed my razor and pulled the blade out I went back in the bathroom shut the door and drugged the blade across my skin it felt like a release like I could breathe again and then I watched the blood I made sure I didn't get any blood anywhere though I put my wrist in the sink and washed it off it stung but I like that feeling I went to my suitcase grabbed a bandaid and put it on my wrist pulling my sweater sleeves down too I went over to my phone and checked the time it was 3:30!!! When did that happen?? I walked out of my room and into Mandy's she was just walking out of her bathroom all dressed to she was wearing a white shirt with a black skirt and a bright pink belt she her hair was done and she looks so good. I wished I looked that good... We went into the living room and turned on the tv E! News was on we were just watching the latest celeb gossip when there was a knock on the door bothe me and Mandy looked at eachother and smiled huge I got up and opened the door and there they were one direction at my hotel room door "Come in come in!" I said super excited they all came in and shook my hand one by one except Niall I already knew him I just told him to take a seat on the couch by Mandy she looked like she was gonna pass out first was Harry  "Hi, I'm Harry." He said shaking my hand and winking i blushed his eyes were so pretty and his hair was so cute next was Louis he bowed down and then shook my hand "Lovely meeting you princess." I giggled and looked at my feet blushing even more he was so silly! Next was Zayn he grabbed my hand and kissed it "Nice to meet you I'm zayn" I giggled more last but not least was Liam he was so cute! With his buzz cut and hazel eyes he just shook my hand and smiled at me "And I'm Liam it's a pleasure to meet you." I blushed and showed them all to the couch were I introduced Mandy she was smiling so big the started laughing I did too I spoke first  "So what do you guys want to do today?" I asked  "Bowling!!!" Louis screamed  "Bowling it is then!" I said "I just have to get my shoes and purse" quickly running into my room I grabbed my black wedge sneakers and my black purse and phone but while I was grabbing my phone Liam walked in "O-o-oh s-ssooryy.." He said stuttering "I thought this was the bathroom..." He stared blushing boy was he cute!  "Oh no it's fine there's a bathroom in here you can use it ill wait for you in the living room!" I said walking out of the room  "Thanks!" He replied I walked into the living room and sat by Harry on the couch he looked at me and smiled "You are such a beautiful girl" he started but I stopped him "Hahaha good one thanks but no just don't even try to be nice." He just looked stunned everyone had heard what happened and they were stunned too I looked back to the room and saw Liam I'm the door way watching too I said "Alright now that Liam's down we can go bowling!" Everyone realized they were starring and started getting up awkwardly... *Ivys Outfit*
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