Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After getting though security we heard our plane being called so we ran to our gate and got in line to board once we got on the plane we sat by each other I was by the widow because this was only my 2nd time flying and it was Mandy's like 100th but really Mandy always visited her grandma and her mom who lives in California so she got to fly in airplanes a lot she didn't mind sitting in the middle anyway. "Are you scared Ivy?" Mandy asked me while we started backing out of the gate "I'm a little nervous..." I replied looking at her "It'll be fine!" She said grabbing my hand and smiling. I just prepared myself for take-off and then we took off and it wasn't even as bad as I thought it was gonna be! All of I sudden I heard Mandy in my ear "We're here! Wake up sleepy head." I opened my eyes and looked at Mandy I was sleeping on her shoulder she smiled and started talking again "We're about to land, here take my hand" she said as she pushed her hand toward me and I grabbed it just as the wheels hit the ground it was loud and scary I fell forward in my seat and then hit the back of the seat really fast as we stopped Mandy laughed  "Ouch..." I mumbled we got out of the plane and went to the baggage claim and first we saw my sparkly black suitcase and then we saw Mandy's pink duffle back we grabbed our bags and walked out of the airport we got a taxi and told them the address to the hotel Mandy's grandma was paying for us to stay at. Mandy called her grandma told her we had landed and we were on our way to the hotel now Mandy got off the phone and turned toward me "She wants us to come to her house for dinner, okay?" I replied "Of course that's fine!" She smiled and looked out the window as did I it was cloudy and rainy here too but it was different everything was so much more beautiful it seemed I turned back to Mandy  "Maybe we'll meet some hot British boys!" I said while giggling she laughed back and said  "We should go clubbing tomorrow night!" I nodded "For sure girl!!" Still giggling  Finally we arrived at our hotel the taxi driver smiled at us and we gave him the credit card Mandy's grandma told Mandy to use when she got to London we thanked him and he thanked back it a thick english accent we got out of the taxi and looked up at the hotel it was huge and REALLY Fancy like super rich people fancy. When we walked in there was a crowd of dozens of people a lot girls and a lot of people with cameras what is this? I thought and squeezed though the people to get to the counter and looked at the lady confused she understood and explained  "We have a very famous boyband staying here." "Ohhhh..." Me and Mandy replied at the same time  "Well anyway we're here to check into a reserved room it's for Ivy and Mandy here's the credit card" Mandy said handing the lady the credit card "Okay here you are right here" she said after swiping the card "your room 1130 that the suite on the top floor here are your room keys" she said handing me a room key and Mandy a room key  "Okay thank you I replied" trying to get though the people to get into the elevator with Mandy right behind me we jumped into the elevator and hit the 11 button yep the lady was right the top floor! I'm so excited Mandy's grandma was so nice I looked at Mandy  "I can't believe we're on the top floor!" I squealed and continued "In the same hotel as a famous boyband!!" I was so excited and then the elevator dinged and we were at our floor we walked out and found our room I stuck in my key and the door opened. The room was amazing it was huge! It had 2 rooms a kitchen living room with a huge flat screen and a balcony with and amazing view of London I couldn't believe it! I looked at Mandy and we both started jumping up and down at the same time saying "yay yay yay yay" I walked over to the room on the left and yelled "I guess I stay in here!" To Mandy who was already in her room  "Okay!" She called back I was setting my backpack down and unpacking my suitcase when I remembered  "We didn't get the credit card back from the lady at the front desk!!" I yelled to Mandy but she was in the shower already so I left the room I was walking down the hallway when I bumped into a cute blonde boy...
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