Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12 

After a while of eating with Liam he noticed he was the only in eating  "Ivy, why aren't you eating?" He asked  "I'm just not hungry." I replied he looked hurt. "Oh no Liam! I love it it's just Im not hungry I promise." I said he nodded and scooted closer to me I got in his lap and started kissing him we pulled away to get air  "Let's play 20 questions." Liam said I nodded "I'll ask first."he said "So ivy favorite color?"  "Pink, you?" I replied "Purple!" He said I giggled "what brings you to London?"  "Well Mandy came to visit her grandma and me and Mandy are really good friends so she asked if I wanted to come with her I said yes and here we are!" I told him he nodded "Where are your parents?" I looked at my feet why did he have to ask  "I'm emancipated from my parents me and Mandy live together in New York." I answered hoping he wouldn't ask anymore he just nodded and started to open his mouth to ask more but I interrupted him by saying "My turn!" Loudly & continuing with "Liam.....How many girls have you been with?" He blushed and looked at his feet saying  "Five, Cindy and I went out in first grade Sarah and I went out in 3rd grade I also went out with Peggy in 3rd Sarah was my first kiss in 7th grade and I just recently broke up with number 5 Danielle.." He said looking up at me I was shocked he was such a cutie! Oh no what if he asks me how many boys I've been with? As boyfriends go I've only had 3 but as well sexual I don't even know how many men of abused me... It's so embarrassing that's why I've never told anyone because they would judge me and hate me. Liam looked at me and asked me "how many boyfriends have you had?" Oh god "three." I said quickly he nodded  "And what grade are you in?" He asked "tenth..." I said  "Wow. Okay." He said  "I'm bored." I blurted out Liam just chuckled  "Okay." He said "what do you want to do then?" He asked I shrugged  "I have no clue." I said "what are the boys doing?" I asked  "I have no idea." He said "you wanna hang out with them?" I nodded "Okay." He picked up his phone and called Niall "Hey Niall you wanna come back to the hotel room and hang out?" Liam said there was a brief silence "okay cool see you in ten, bye." Liam hung up and turned to me "Niall and Louis are gonna come over." I nodded  Liam POV  I got off the phone with Niall and cuddled up with Ivy she turned on the tv and animal planet was on I wasn't really paying attention I was thinking about her. Her scars, does she still harm herself? Her at dinner, why wasn't she eating is she sick? And why was she emancipated from her parents I was going to ask but she cut me off she obviously wasn't ready to tell me. I wish she could open up to me more but I know she's been though a lot so I better not push her I don't want her to fall off the edge I don't know what I would do if Ivy hurt herself "Woosh!" I turn my head to see a blonde boy and a striped t-shirt walked to the couch  "Hey!" I say they both nod and sit in the couch by Ivy Niall is closest to Ivy and Louis is on the end like me  "So where were you guys?" Ivy asks turning toward Niall and Louis  "Oh we went to a couple of pubs." Niall answered "Oh." Ivy responded "meet any cute girls?" She asked raising her eyebrows up and down gosh she is so cute!  "I have a girlfriend!" Louis yelled  "Oh right!" Ivy said giggling at Louis sudden outburst "what about you Niall?" She asked Niall just shrugged his shoulders and looked down  "Nope." He said popping the p I think Niall still has feelings for Ivy but he knows Im with her now. Wait am I with her? What are we? I need to make her and me official I'll ask her soon.... Louis and Ivy are chatting about something and Nialls just nodding along listening and my phone rings I look down and see Harry's name I answer it  "Hey Harry." I greet  "Liam? It's Zayn." Zayn answers back  "Oh hey zayn!" I say  "Look Liam Harry is smashed and I'm pretty drunk can you please come get us were at plush." Zayn asked I could tell he was slurring his words  "Yeah sure go outside and don't be idiots and wait for me. I'll be there in five." I said I hung up and turned toward three faces looking at me  "Harry and Zayn are drunk and the need a ride from the club I'm gonna go get them." I said they all nodded there heads in understanding Louis jumped up "I'm gonna go too." He said walking toward the door  "I'll be right back." I said look straight at Ivy. She nodded and with that I turned and walked out the door to get some drunk boys   
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