Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

-Ivy's POV-  I went to my suit case and picked out an outfit it was a grey shirt the said LA in black and just my plain skinny jeans I went to the bathroom and dried my hair naturally so it was kinda wavy then I put in some teal colored dangly jewel earrings and did my makeup and walked out and decided on my teal Steve Madden boots I walked out of the room and into the kitchen Mandy walked out of her room with just a big striped t-shirt on I gave her a look with one my eyebrows raised questionably all she said was "Tell you later." I just nodded  "I'm going on a date with Liam today so I don't know when I'll be home" I said  "Okay have fun!" She said sing-songy and walking back to her room I just laughed and walked out into the hallway and knocked on the boys door Liam answered he was wearing a pair of back jeans and a white t-shirt he smiled at me and smiled back then I just gave him a big hug he hugged me back I felt him kiss my hair and then I pulled back a little so I should look at him he kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand and we walked to the elevator in the elevator Liam looked at me  "So what do you want to do today?" He asked I just shrugged "we could go walk around and look at shops?" He suggested I nodded  "Sounds like fun!" I said he just smiled and led me to the car we got to the street and he parked the car we started walking down the street when people started stopping us asking for Liam autograph he gave me a apologetic look I just smiled and gave him a 'don't worry' look even though I did think it was annoying but soon everyone cleared out and we went into topshop there was this super cute pink and black dress it kinda looked like a prom dress it was pink and had black stripes and bows on it I loved it! I picked it up and showed Liam he smiled and nodded his head in approval  "Go try it on babe." He said I went to the changing room and tried it on it looked so good on me I walked out to show Liam he smiled "It looks so good!" He said I blushed "You look so beautiful right now Ivy." He said looking into my eyes I giggled I took the dress off and then I checked the price €500 oh my gosh I put the dress up Liam looked at me weird "Why did you put it up?" He asked  "The price." I said walking away Liam grabbed my hand  "I'll buy it. My treat." He said  "No! You can't do that!" I said  "Hush." he said putting his finger up to my lips "I'm buying it and that's that." I just crossed my arms and stomped my foot he chuckled, grabbed the dress and got in line I followed behind him wrapping my arms around his waist  "Thank you." I said putting my head on his back he turn around to face me and hugged me back  "I wanna do nice things for you Ivy I have a lot of money and I don't mind." He was so cute I nodded and we both turned around and went up to the counter the lady smiled and took the dress off the hanger  "This all?" She asked we both nodded Liam handed her the credit card she swiped it and put my dres in a bag me and Liam walked out hand in hand  "Thank you Liam." I said I can't believe he just bought me this dress then I laughed "where am I even going to wear it?" He smiled  "I have an idea" he said  "Liam!" I yelled hitting his chest we both laughed we kept walking down the street when we came up to a tattoo and pericing shop I stopped Liam looked at me confused I used my hands and pointed to the shop he laughed  "Do you want a tattoo?" He asked I shook my head no "a percing?" I shook my head yes he had wide eyes "where?" He asked again I pointed to my belly button he laughed "okay let's go." He said pulling me into the shop we went up to the counter  "I want my belly button periced." I said to the heavily tattooed lady she nodded  "Age?" She asked  "18." I lied  "ID?" She asked I pulled my fake ID out of my purse she nodded  "Okay Amy come with me." She said handing me my ID back Liam looked at me confused  "Tell you later." I whispered in his ear he nodded and we followed into the back of the shop she got out a needle and alcohol and a cotton pad she cleaned my belly button with the alcohol  "Okay on the count of three." She said putting the needle against my skin I took Liam's hand "One...Two...Three!" And she pushed it though my skin I grabbed Liam's hand really tight she got out a plain silver navel ring and put it though the new hole "all done!" She said I let go of Liam's hand stood up it hurt but it looked cute I smiled and showed Liam  "Cute." He said I smiled and walked to the counter I was going to get money out of my purse when Liam handed her the credit card  "Hey!" I said  "Too late babe." He said getting the card back from the lady the lady told me how to clean it and everything and then we left  "That was fun!" I said Liam laughed  "It looked like it hurt." He said  "It did." I said back we walked back to the car and went to the hotel I went into my room with Liam "Mandy I'm back!" I called but no answer I decided to look in her room while Liam sat on the couch she wasn't in there I guess she was out "she not here." I said to Liam he turned and looked at me "wanna get room service?" He asked  "Yeah sure." I replied walking into my room and putting my bag on the bed Liam walked in  "So why did the lady at the tattoo shop call you Amy after looking at your ID?" I sighed I knew this was gonna be coming.  "Well because that was a fake ID." I told him he looked confused  "Umm why do you have a fake ID?" He asked looking worried  "I'm only 15 Liam.." I said he just had a shocked looked on his face  "Fif-fi-fifteen?!" He stuttered I nodded  "I understand if you don't want to see me anymore." I said standing up he stood up too still shocked he blinked a couple times "look Liam don't worry about it." I said he grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes before I knew it he was kissing me he pulled away  "I don't care how old you are I really like you Ivy I've never felt like this before." He said I kissed him quick and gave him a hug  "I've never felt like this ether Liam." I said into his chest  he just snuggled me closer then we heard a knock on the door room service Liam said and I let go of him but I didn't want to Liam opened the door and the guy dropped off our food witch was pizza and ice cream I just smiled but I knew I couldn't eat any of it....  

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