Nobody Compares

Ivy is a 15 year old girl with a very hard life until she goes on a vacation to London with her best friend Mandy and runs into 5 very cute boys. Will there be Love or Loss? Will she make Friends or Enemy's? Will they get under her skin or will she push them away? Read Nobody Compares to find out.


1. Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Hi, I'm Ivy I'm 15 I have blue-green etes and I have long bleach blonde hair and the ends are dyed pink I'm about 5" ft I look like I'm 18 even though I'm so short and I have a fake ID so I get to go out to the clubs and bars with Mandy. Mandy is my 18 year old friend that I live with in New York we live in a small apartment together I pay half rent and she pays half I work as a waitress at iHop I got emancipated from my parents 3 months ago because my dad is who knows where and my mom is a druggie whore who let her boyfriends do whatever they wanted to me ugh. Other than that I've never even had real boyfriend let alone a real first kiss. But me and Mandy are going to London for a vacation to see Mandy's grandma-who is loaded with money-and Mandy's grandma said I could come along so WE'RE GOING TO LONDON!!

-The Next Day- -Ivy's POV-  "C'mon Ivy wake up!" Mandy yelled in my ear after shaking me  "Ughhhh.." Is all the noise I made  "We're gonna be late to the airport!" She said loudly again. Oh yeah I totally forgot LONDON!  "Oh yeah!!!" I yelled while jumping off the bed and into the bathroom brushing my hair and doing my makeup real quick I put on some eyeliner, mascara, & lip gloss I came out and got dressed in the outfit I laid out I pulled it on and grabbed my suitcase, backpack, phone charger and my white iPhone while running into our living room "Okay I'm already!" I said to Mandy who was sitting on the couch looking effortlessly pretty with her short black bob and slight freckles on her nose and cheeks and her white teeth she stood up she was taller than me she was about 5,5" ft she was wearing a plain white v-neck and skinny jeans with pink and black vans. I was wearing a sleeveless white collared shirt with plain ripped skinny jeans and black sandals I had black rose earrings in and a chain bracelet with a heart it was a cute outfit breaking me from my thoughts was Mandy  "Okay let's get going." She said picking up her pink duffle bag and walking out the door I followed she turned around locked the door and we were off. We got to the street and got a taxi. The ride there was silent since we were both kind tired since it was 6:30 in the morning but Mandy broke the silence by asking  "Wait? What are you gonna do about work the next 4 weeks?" She turned and looked at me confused "Ohh yeah I forgot to tell you, they know I'm going they were okay with it since I've been working there for almost a year straight." I replied looking out the window it was kinda cloudy and rainy out "Oh, that was really nice of them." She said back I didn't reply because the taxi was stopping  "We're here" the guy said looking back at us  "Thanks." We replied at the same time I handed Mandy 15$ and she added some money and gave it to the guy we got out of the car grabbed our stuff and headed toward the ticket counter... *Ivys Outfit*
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