I fell in love with my best friend ( A Niall Horan fanfic)

Have you ever went through a time when you had a guy as a best friend but suddenly, you had feelings for them even as more than friends? Well Ariana is going through that now. What will happen to their relationship? Will it progress or plummet down?


3. Chapter 2

Ariana's PoV:

Niall sat next to me in first period which is Literary and Composition. Mrs. Mitchell but pronounced Michelle (she gets mad if you mispronounce her name) was giving a lecture on literary analysis. I was listening to her lecture but I can hear Niall whispering my name.

" Ariana! Ariana! Ariana!" Niall whispered

"What do you want?"

"Well I was going to ask you if I could borrow a pencil."

"We aren't even writing anything right now!" I whisper-shouted

"Ms. Crimson is there anything you want to share with the class that is more important than this lecture which will be part of your quiz tomorrow?" Mrs. Mitchell announced

I heard kids giggling and staring at me

"Well I was just letting Niall use a cough drop. You wouldn't want anyone to miss your quiz tomorrow. " I replied with a smug grin on my face

"Is that right Mr. Horan?" She turned to Niall 

"Yes Ma'm. I wouldn't want to miss that awfully important quiz." with an innocent smile on his face.

"Okay class let's us continue our lesson" Mrs. Mitchell turned around with a swift turn

I sat back in my seat and Niall stuck out his hand to do our handshake.

Class finally ended and we went to our lockers that was fortunately next to each other.

I finished getting out all of my stuff for next period which was art. My favorite. But as I was about to close it, Matt came up to my locker and slammed it shut.

"Well hey to you too. By the way thanks for saving me the trouble and closing the door for me" I said with a smile on my face

" Cut to the chase Crimson and come home with me." he said as he put his hand on my bum.

I pried his hand off and I know that Niall WILL be pissed.  

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