I fell in love with my best friend ( A Niall Horan fanfic)

Have you ever went through a time when you had a guy as a best friend but suddenly, you had feelings for them even as more than friends? Well Ariana is going through that now. What will happen to their relationship? Will it progress or plummet down?


2. Chapter 1

Ariana's PoV

" White lips, pale face Breathing in snowflakes Burnt lungs, sour taste Light's gone, day's end Struggling to pay rent Long nights, strange men" My phone started playing the A team through my headphones indicating it's morning. I always hated mornings but today was the first day of the last week till Summer Break!!!! I got up and took a quick shower and wrapped a towel around me as I dug through my dressers and looked through my closet for the perfect summer outfit. I decided to wear a mid thigh black dress under a half shirt that says " Hey Bad Boy, Your A Tad Overrated  and black heels that also covers the top part of your foot. Before you say. I act like a slut well think what you want but, this is the trend at my school so deal with it. I went downstairs and remembered that Niall's mum and dad, Maura and Bobby, went for a vacation so I had to make my own bacon and eggs. If you didn't know, my parents died in a car accident a year ago and Niall's parents accepted me into their family and even let me call them mum and dad but I just call them Uncle Bobby and Auntie Maura. I should get started on this food. This is also the way I get Nialler up!


Niall's PoV

I smell bacon!!! I knew Ariana was cooking cuz mum and dad was gone so before she gets mad, I'll dress up and go down there. I took a short shower and put on a tanktop for men of course and khaki shorts and off to the kitchen!!!!!!! " Wow" I whispered as I saw Ariana in her dress and half top and heels. You see, I was her best friend since beginning of time but ever since junior high but she only thinks we are friends so, eternally friends zoned from my true love. " BACON!!!!!!" I screamed from the door way " What hell Niall!!!!!!!" she screamed as she payed one hand over her chest " sorry I wanted the bacon." I pretended to act hurt and looked at my feet and I know she will come here and apologize and hugging me. Like on cue, 3...2....1... " I am sooooo sorry for yelling at you, I was just, just scared. " Ariana said whilst hugging me tightly. I grin look at her and grin evilly but what do I get in return, I get SLAPPED well not hard but I knew I got her fooled.


Ariana' PoV

I went back to finishing the last batch of bacon. I watched Niall eat like a pig and laughing. I left him in the kitchen and got ready to leave for school. I got my vintage styled backpack full of books from the weekend's homework. "Niall we have to go to school!!!!" I screamed from the top of the staircase

"Kay" Niall replied obviously with food in his mouth. 

"Can I drive PLEASE!!!" I begged him with my puppy dog eyes that I knew he would fall or EVERY TIME! :)

"Sure" he said a little reluctantly. If your asking why, well I just got my driver's license a few weeks ago and he keeps on saying that he doesn't want to dye.

*Skipping the car ride*

I got out of the car and surprisingly Niall is calmer than I expected. I think I did a good job. I got to my locker and Niall started to talk to me about the history of hamburgers as we got our books for first period which we have together like every other class. As I walked with Niall down the hallways, we have to pass a group of jocks and populars. I heard one of the jocks, Matt Leigh, whistled at me as I walked by. I just rolled my eyes but I know Niall will get mad cuz he is a bit too protective of me. I don't know why. Oh Well


Niall's PoV

We walked down the hallway of jocks and populars. Matt Leigh whistled at Ariana and I can't help to be jealous but I bet that Ariana just thinks I was too protective. Grrrrrr. If I was louder would you see me?



Hi everybody, I hope you like this chapter and I will try to make a schedule to write chapters so I think I should every Monday and Friday. Is there any tips or complaints you want me to address? Please like and favorite this Movella and if you want please fan me.

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