I fell in love with my best friend ( A Niall Horan fanfic)

Have you ever went through a time when you had a guy as a best friend but suddenly, you had feelings for them even as more than friends? Well Ariana is going through that now. What will happen to their relationship? Will it progress or plummet down?


1. Hi I am Ariana

Hi my name is Ariana but a lot of people call me Ari or Ana whichever suits you.
I would describe myself as an out going, smart, and going with the flow type of person. My bestest friend is Niall Horan. Yeah you read it right. I am best friends with THE Niall Horan. We met when we were at least 5 years of age. I sure get lots of hate but if that is all I have to put up with just to continue being friends with Niall then I don't give a shit about it.
Well enough of that so...
My hair is a dirty blonde with reddish pink dip dye and I have a spider bite piercing but for those who don't know what that is, it is two piercings right under your lip but also right next to each other.
I also have an obsession with wearing tribal patterned clothes. :)
if your wondering why in the world my parents would let their 17 year old get those piercings then well guess what, their dead so I don't think they would mind. Wow that sounded harsh but whatever.
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