Crazy Love Story

Sandra was living in her grandmother because her parents died already. When her grandmother died, she lived in her friend's house named Katie. Then Katie and Sandra studied there in London where Katie lives. So they meet these guys who think they are different from the other girls..


7. Talking about Relationships

So when Sandra got to Katie's room, she saw Liam. So Liam was the room mate of Katie. So first Sandra was shocked then she inhaled then exaled. So she asked Katie all about this thing. So they talked and first Liam went out to  give a pleasant time for the two. So when he got out, they started talking about the relationship Sandra have with Niall. So they talked. 

Katie: So, you did not tell me that you and Niall are dating.

Sandra: Actually Katie, Niall is my boyfriend already.

Katie: OMG. You didn't tell me. So how did you two get together?

Sandra: Actually he asked me to go to have dinner with him and then he gave me roses and he like accompanied me when I was crying because you know my past right. So that night I said ''yes'' to his question.

Katie: Oh okay.

Sandra: How about you and Liam? 

Katie: I was supposed to tell you this when Niall called you. 

Sandra: Continue. 

Katie: Okay. So when I got to my room, I saw the bed with some shirts. So I got neat it and then the door opened. The guy in the door was Liam. So I am starting to fangirl. So after that I said hi and he said hi too and he asked me if I was the new girl who is going to take the other bed. So that's it. We are not close but were friends.. 

Sandra: You're story is nice and I like it.

Katie: Your kidding me aren't you?

Sandra: What do you mean?

Katie: I think your thinking of something else between me and Liam.

Sandra: No. You're thinking it, not me. So its you're problem.

Katie: Fine, in return treat me.

Sandra: Okay.

So after they talked, Liam went back in and told the girls.

Liam: So you two are friends. I mean best friends. 

Sandra: Yeah.

Liam: Oh okay. Want to have lunch before studying?

Katie: Sure.

Sandra: I will treat you both.

Liam: Thanks.... Wait, lets also invite Niall.

Sandra: I will just call him.

So they went to the cafeteria and then Sandra called Niall and immediately Niall came because of food. So they talked and talked about their stuff. 

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