Crazy Love Story

Sandra was living in her grandmother because her parents died already. When her grandmother died, she lived in her friend's house named Katie. Then Katie and Sandra studied there in London where Katie lives. So they meet these guys who think they are different from the other girls..


2. Meeting one of the boys

So after they toured around school they separated from each other to go to there rooms. When suddenly Sandra bumped a guy. He was from One Direction.

Sandra: Oh I am so sorry, I didn't mean to bumped you..

Niall: Its okay.

Sandra was shocked when she saw Niall. And Niall got so shocked too, because she might call some other directioners that she found him. But she didn't.

Sandra: I am so sorry again.

At the time Sandra left, Niall was amazed that she didn't call anyone but instead go on with her life. She was a very different girl, not like others that scream when they see him.

When Sandra got to her room, she saw two beds but the other one is occupied so she used the other one. She settled her things and she feels like going to the bathroom.

When Niall got to his room, he saw someone occupied the other bed. And it was a girl. He was shocked when suddenly someone opened the door to the bathroom.

Sandra and Niall: You again!

Sandra: Why are you here?

Niall: This is my room to you know.

Sandra: It must be a big coincidence. Sorry for that. I should have not freaked out like that.

Niall: Its fine. So school starts tomorrow, I think we should sleep. And tomorrow I will give you something.

Sandra: Okay and what something is that?

Niall: It's rules. Okay. Go to sleep.

Sandra: Fine. What ever you say...

Sandra first went to the bathroom to change clothes. She didn't know Niall was still awake. When she got out, she was only wearing a towel, when she saw Niall looking at her. She freaked out.

Sandra: Niall, why are you still awake!?!

Niall: I can't sleep.

Sandra: Please turn around.

Niall: Fine..

So as Sandra got her pajamas and swear shirt on, she immediately looked at Niall and said.

Sandra: Before you look, please make sure that person is wearing clothes. Thanks.

Niall was speechless.
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