Crazy Love Story

Sandra was living in her grandmother because her parents died already. When her grandmother died, she lived in her friend's house named Katie. Then Katie and Sandra studied there in London where Katie lives. So they meet these guys who think they are different from the other girls..


6. Knowing The Boys

So when they got home from the cafe, Niall saw Harry and Zayn. So he went to them and then asked them.

Niall: Hi guys.

Harry: Oh hello Niall. 

Zayn: So who's that pretty girl there?

Harry: Maybe his girlfriend.... Yeeeeee

Niall: Actually she is. 

Zayn: Oh hi there.

Sandra: Hi. 

Harry: Hi. What did Niall do to make you fall in love?

Niall: Shut up Harry.

Sandra: Actually nothing. He just invited me to eat and gave me bouquet of roses and that's all of it.

Zayn: So that's why. 

Niall: What's wrong with that?

Harry: Nothing Niall.

So after Sandra met Harry and Zayn, they went to the cafeteria to meet Niall's other friends. So there, they saw Liam eating with Louis. 

Liam: Hey.

Niall: Hi guys. I want you to meet Sandra, my girlfriend.

Louis: Hi Sandra. I am Louis.

Sandra: Hi.

Liam: I am Liam. Nice to meet you Sandra.

Niall: So guys we better go.

Louis: Where you going?

Niall: At our room.

Liam: You have the same room?

Sandra: Yeah. Its a coincident right.

Louis: Your lucky. So bye guys.

Niall: Bye.

So they went to there room and when Sandra got in, she immediately took her notes and told Niall she was going to her friend. So Niall agreed. 

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